18 Realistic Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria, Africa, Or Worldwide

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The presence of the web and internet has set out a ton of opportunities that were nonexistent a few decades ago. In this way, the internet has essentially overcome the barrier among businesses and their clients, causing the commercial center to enlarge beyond expectations and furthermore helping the local companies to propel their businesses.

Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria or Anywhere In The World

The most awesome aspect of some small scale online business is that they are available to all and require minimal funding to start up.

In this way, if you’re hoping to start a side hustle or a full-time online business of your own that will work, here are 18 best ways to make money online:


1). Copywriting:


Copywriting includes making a composed article or content for promoting and marketing purposes. Brands and huge businesses understand the requirement for copywriting, so as to persuade their expected clients and finally drive sales.

Copywriters across the world make a lot of money working with large brands and SMEs.

Generally, you don’t require huge startup capital to go into the copywriting business. Nevertheless, you need to acquire the essential copywriting abilities and skills, have a PC, a functioning internet connection, and sign up on a freelance site like Fiverr.

2). Social Media Management:

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

The computerized era is in a real sense turning into the new living era. Individuals currently invest more energy on the internet than anybody would have considered possible many years prior and accordingly, companies and organizations employ the services of a social media manager to help them take their products and service to the social media platform too so as to meet eminent customers online.

This is the place where social media managers come in to play. They are professionals who manage a companies brand name on the internet. They make and post quality contents, attract social media followers, study the behavior and inclinations of the customers and make feasible choices.

To earn from social media management, you should be skilled, inventive and flexible with different social media platforms and digital devices.

3). YouTube Vlogging:

Vlogging is one of the best ways to make money online. For instance, you couldstart a YouTube channel and make wonderful videos on subjects you’re energetic about.

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Other platforms where you can also start vlogging are Instagram and TikTok.

You could begin vlogging with simple gadgets and devices like your phone, a camera and a PC for quality video editing. The more engaging your videos are, the higher your chance of building an extraordinary fan base and subscribers which can generate funds and sponsorship bargains.

4). Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a third-party system of selling items through referral links. It is a promoting strategy for earning commissions for every client that purchases the item being referred with your affiliate link.

To make the best from affiliate marketing, you need a website or a platform that generates huge traffic.

Once you can connect a wide audience, you can then place advertisements or contents on the platform and start promoting the products you’re selling to earn a commission in return.

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Each time somebody purchases an item through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

5). Dropshipping:

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

In straightforward terms, dropshipping includes dispatching products from the owner straightforwardly to the end-purchasers.

It resembles the conventional retail administration, in any case, for this situation, you don’t need to stock or deal with the items.

When the customer finishes the request, you forward the request data to the seller who boats to the purchaser.

Dropshipping is an approach to overcome any issues between purchasers and sellers. To begin an dropshipping business, you need a decent website where individuals can make orders.

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You display the products which are accessible at seller/owner’s shops you partner with and measure and convey the products when somebody makes a request.

6). Digital Marketing:

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

The advanced promoting business is wide, with different segments like SEO marketing, E-mail advertising, and the sky is the limit from there. To begin, you could zero in on any sub-segment that suits the services you offer.

Be that as it may, at that point, you don’t need to have an actual office to begin a digital marketing business. You could sell your services online straightforwardly to top organizations around there and make a full-time business of it.

7). Graphics Design:

Visual plans are more preferred by web clients over words, particularly when the point is to convince them to make a move.

In this era, graphics design is a rewarding method to make money online as online organizations and companies are continually searching for architects to make connections with content for them.

While it takes no precise money to begin, you’d in any case need to get a PC, website, and a very long time of training to empower yourself adequately innovative to follow through on positions given.

8). Photography:

As opposed to mainstream thinking, you don’t need to bother with a studio to begin a photography business. Photography is currently one of the first class abilities for making money online.

It doesn’t make any difference where you are! However, if  you can make high-quality pictures, you can put them available to be purchased on stages like Shutterstock. And furthermore advance your innovative deals with online media to draw the consideration of organizations for potential associations.

9). Web based Tutoring:

With the appearance of the internet, learning has become simpler and more student situated. With free instruments like Google Meet and Zoom, you can put together successful ongoing classes.

These stages support both general media and printed discussions among individuals isolated by distance.

Organizations and companies as of now use them for gatherings, exchanges, and other indispensable gatherings. You could utilize them to arrange progressed classes on skills that advantage heaps of individuals and have them pay to select.

You can likewise make and sell seminar on stages like Udemy.

10). Content Creation:

Content creation comes in different structures, which are altogether practical ways to make money online. Basic content created includes satire, item surveys, musicals, inspirational posts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

To begin with, recognize a niche you have a significant skill for and develop a record on a platform (website/YouTube) that can open you to an enormous crowd searching for the content you want to convey.

Content could be text based, video or sound. It simply must be in the organization that your target group will discover the content.

At the point when you construct an enormous devotee base, you can procure pay from commercials, selling product, and substantially more

11). Selling On Online Marketplaces:

Selling items on well known online commercial centers is a powerful way to make money online consistently.

Commercial centers like Amazon, eBay, Jumia and Konga in Nigeria have constructed a standing and an enormous customer base. You can gain by the ubiquity of these platforms to offer your items to their customers and get predictable sales.

Also, you don’t need to have a platform of your own before you can start exchanging. You could concur with a few neighborhood merchants and set up their items on Jumia or Konga.

After every sale, you get your commission. No problems included.

12). Writing for a blog:

Ways to make money online in Nigeria

Writing for a blog passes as a diversion, however, it is perhaps the most practical way to money online anyplace you are. It is less demanding than working on your website and it is also monetary fulfilling. All you need is to set up a basic easy to use WordPress blog.

Learn how to create a professional blog just like infoleading under 10 minutes.

After this, then you start creating posts and as your blog starts developing, you can start earning money from promotions, online courses, proficient administrations, advertisement, and many more.

13). Proofreading And Editing:

If that you have an incredible skill for checking and rectifying grammatical mistakes, you could begin proofreading and editing service on a freelance platform and start making money online.

Proofreading and editing include checking content for mistakes that make it hard to understand for the readers. You could likewise proofread a web content for web owners and get paid for it.

Editing and altering requires a lot of capability and ability.

14). Professional Consultancy:

Starting a consultancy service can be an extraordinary way to make money online.

Professional consultancy portrays the service of rendering quality advice in a particular field or displine. Consultancy services incorporate profession advice, business tips, relationship matters, scholastics, occupations, and other key pieces of business society, and life as a rule.

To begin a consultancy administration, you need to choose a niche where you have a great deal of experience. You can as well set up a site or online media account where individuals can book your services.

To convince individuals regarding your skill, you need to show proof in the given field. Customer testimonial, affirmations, gatherings joined in, explores led, courses learned, and more are indispensable data that can acquire you public trust.

15). Influencer Marketing:

Online media influencers are individuals with enormous devotee numbers who are mainstream for some arbitrary reasons, whether significance or not. Now and then the supporters of a web-based media influencer can run into millions or hundreds of millions.

Huge companies and brands, just as SMEs, rely upon online media influencers for gigantic advertisement reach. As per insights, a few advertisers spend as much $100,000 to $500,000 on influencer marketing each year. While some others spend millions of  dollars yearly.

To make money from influencer marketing, you need to generate a lot of followers on social media platforms. Recognize your platform of interest, and develop it with quality content and different techniques. At the point when you’ve acquired sufficient crowd, brands and advertisers will come to you for promotions and sponsorship bargains.

16). Starting A Podcast:

If you have incredible vocal skills and an extraordinary expertise or information to share, making online recordings may be a wonderful way to make money online. Rather than reading content on a blog, majority of people like to tune in to and connect with sound content.

To start a digital podcast, create an account with a podcast host website. Choose your niche of interest, create quality and captivating content and announce your podcast recording channel.

Over the long haul, you’ll develop an enormous crowd and get paid from advertisements other than money generated through traffic.

17). Software Development:

Software developers are in high demand in the computerized space, and that implies in a real sense all over the place! They create web applications, mobile applications, different software instruments, and significantly more as needed by their customers or society.

In case you’re a skilled software designer, you can showcase your administration on freelance platform, generate a strong history, and acquire more pay reliably from different ventures.

18). Crypto Currency Trading:


Crypto currency is the fate of the worldwide account industry. A few nations and enterprises have received, and keep on embracing the utilization of cryptocoins for day by day exchanges.

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Like each and every other account exercises, exchanging cryptographic money implies a degree of hazard and requires strong specialized skill of the business.

Regardless, crypto exchanging stays quite possibly the most sensible way to make money online and is available to all.


The world have emerged and developed to the extent that it has created various and genuine ways to make money online at the comfort of your home.

By utilizing these chances and developing them into a full-time business or side-hustle, you can be making a lot of money online.

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