Top 15 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start up In 2020

The Best 15 Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start up before the end of 2020

As we all know the world is evolving day after day because of the global crash in the value of crude oil. Many people have embarked on the journey of looking for small business ideas to start up.

small business ideas to start up

Although there are thousands of business ideas to select from, it is quite essential to pick the very best that will maximise profit, especially as a new entrepreneur partaking in the business journey.

What are the most profitable small business ideas to start up? What are the things to pay more attention to, when starting up a new business?

I will say for the already existing and successful entrepreneurs, they no longer worry and border on what to venture into. This is because experience has given them ultimate luxury on ideas to partake whenever they like. But as for you the new entrepreneurs, there exist fear and doubt of the risk of losing all the investments you have in a twinkle of an eye.

So to say that, before you start up a business anywhere in world, Nigeria, Inda, Ghana etc., you need to be very sure that the business ideas has a high potential of growth and profitability.

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Here Are Top 15 Profitable Small Business Ideas To Start Up In Nigeria Or Anywhere Else In The World, This 2020:

1). Personal Shopper

Here, what I mean by personal shopper here is. For example: You setup an Instagram account and parade trending fashion collections on your page by wearing them yourself.

You’ll help people who need to get them acquire through your page. This is because Instagram is one of the highest and fast growing arena for personal shoppers.

Personal shoppers have explored Instagram platform by using it to carve out a niche on fashion and so on for themselves, where they earn profits by styling things without leaving the comfort of their homes.

2). Event Planner

Before a large event takes place, an event planner is mostly consulted. Event planners handles and manages everything by drawing out a good event plan and organising event staff that will make the event a huge success.

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In Nigeria and almost all countries in the whole wide world, hundreds and thousands of events happen each day.

These spontaneous social gatherings poses a great opportunity to individuals who are talented in successfully organising small get-togethers.

But now they have to focus on a much larger picture, these individuals are recommended to pursue event management businesses. This is because they can grow it successfully.

3). Home-Based Food Canteen

You can start up an on demand food service for businesses, events and people living within the neighborhood, simply at your home.

Most people and workers don’t eat in the morning before going off to wherever it is they choose. And also a lot people do find it difficult and stressful preparing meals during the day.

With this small tip on the meal problems faced each day, it is a great opportunity because an on demand meal service is required and it will grow rapidly.

You can decide to open a canteen in front of your home or anywhere chance may permit you and also deliver meals to individuals at their various work places.

4). Errand Service

With many people tied up to their busy and hectic schedules, you could setup an errand service. This will cater for their other responsibilities, because they are too occupied with work to make out time.

Try as much as possible to offer more and great services that you are paid for, to your customers in this sector, because this will make your customers market you to their colleagues at work. And in return, it will slowly grow your business.

5). Computer & Mobile Phone Maintenance & Repairs

As we are advancing more and more into the the electronic world which is now rapidly taking over. The demand for computer and mobile phone servicing experts is high. When the mobile devices or computers of most people develop issues, they’ll send it to a repairer to fix it.

Most of these repairers usually have a lot on their table to handle and sometimes offer the work to other people.

If you have the right mobile and computer engineering skills, you can start up a maintenance and repair centre.

6). Cleaning Service

Big organisations like hotels, hospitals and more require great services of quality and good cleaners. They do prefer and seek the cleaning services of professional cleaning agencies.

So they will be rest assured that their environment will constantly be neat before they carry out their daily operations.

7). Recycling

With the increases in the production of non bio-degradable plastic bottles, nylons, and so on which has been constantly tossed into the street, waste bins, and several other places on a daily basis.

Picking up these plastic bottles and selling them to recycling plants, can prove to be a good and profitable business.

All you need to is to hire a few people who are into the business of picking up these recyclables daily from the waste etc., and you can start running a good business in no time.

8). Social Media Consultant

What a social media consultant does is simply managing and growing social media pages of businesses by driving user engagements.

You can handle any business social media page and help increase their customer base and grow revenues as well.

As you satisfy any business efficiently. Your client base will as well increase faster through talks and thus grows your own very business.

9). Online Store

You can also start up an online store to sell any product of your choice. You should ensure that the items you intend to sell are truly needed by people.

Before you venture into this online store also known as e-commerce, a quality feasibility study is extremely important.

And also it is very important to understand the way the online ecosystem works before diving into it.

10). Copywriter

Most websites, newspapers, and other media outlets are always looking for creative people who can write great content that connects deeply and emotionally with readers.

If you are already a copywriter and have a great portfolio which shows the creative contents you’ve written.

You can send emails to media platform to see if you would be able to get a chance to write for them.

You can also write for individuals to at Over time, you’d finally get a grow your reputation as a copywriter and as well your income will increase too.

11). Home Day Care

While parents and guardians are off for work, they will need a person to entrust the welfare and care of their kids. This is a great opportunity you can take and start up a home care service at the comfort of your home.

Connect with various mothers in your neighbourhood, build a reputation as a loving and caring woman. And mothers would feel a lot more comfortable leaving their kids in your hands during the day.

As your day-care grows, you could someday setup in a larger, more adequate space to expand your business, and subsequently, your revenues.

12). Online Retail Consultant

To learn how to start and run an online shop or e-commerce business, there is a need to consult an online retailer. They do everything to endeavor that their client’s e-commerce business succeeds and also improve the revenues generated by the store.

If you’ve sometime worked for an e-commerce company, or previously ran an e-commerce business, working as a consultant, would be a great way to earn some income.

13). Career Coach

Many individuals need guidance in their daily life endeavours. It could be to be able to make the right choice of taking up a particular job, selecting the best college degree to earn, or also in selecting the perfect and right spouse.

For a career and life coach, your responsibility is to assist your clients and individuals achieve their desired goals. You help them reach their full potential, and also become the best version of themselves.

14). Accounting, Tax Preparation, & Bookkeeping

Every business must prepare it’s books for an audit, at least once every year. For a professional accountant in this business, you can decide to offer cheap and affordable alternative to entrepreneurs.

And also business owners looking forward to prepare their tax statements. The larger the number of clients you’re able to secure, the higher your revenue figures.

15). Agriculture

With the huge development that is occurring in the agricultural sector in Africa, now seems to be the absolute perfect time to partake in this business.

Governments have also backed the farmers by helping to create and access agricultural loans more easily.

First, make a deep analysis and research on the various aspects of agriculture, pick a profitable niche, then build up from there.


With all the detailed information on top 15 profitable small business ideas for 2020, I believe that I have mapped out and discussed the very best of the small business ideas. So you should select the one that best suits your qualities.

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