Profitable Small Business Ideas And Opportunities For Teachers

Top 5 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas And Opportunities For Teachers 

Welcome to infoleading blog, where sharing of information is our priority. In this very post I will list out the very top 5 most profitable small business ideas and opportunities for teachers. So endeavor to read the post to the end and grasp the important information.

Profitable Small Business Ideas And Opportunities For Teachers

Without good teachers in this world, there won’t be sound education. So we also use this medium to thank the teachers and may God also reward them. If you are a teacher and in serious need of a business opportunity or side hustle, start doing one of these.

Further discussion on the most profitable small business ideas and opportunities for teachers.

The general earnings of teachers world wide is poor and is worth it. It is absurd for teachers to meet up with the daily challenges of life with the little meager earnings from their various services.

It’s really a pity for an individual who imparts knowledge to people to be in such situation. For any teacher striving to gain financial freedom, I will give you the top five profitable business you could do either full time or part-time without posing any threats to your teaching profession.

It is obvious that in the country Nigeria, a teacher’s work usually starts from 8 a.m to 3 p.m. And the rest of the day after school, will be for your personal activities. With this, you can start and focus on any other business and make extra or passive income.

The following are the top 5 best profitable business ideas and opportunities for teachers in the world.

1.) Online Language Teacher

If you are a teacher who is very proficient and versatile in speaking and also in writing any language, you can earn extra cash by teaching people those languages you know best.

For example, English language as it is now, is a very popular language that is being adopted by so many countries. You can open up a YouTube channel and let people subscribe to it or even your email. Then you feed them on a daily basis on those languages while you make cool money.

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2.) Freelance writing job

Another business idea for teachers that could fetch you extra cash is to become a gig or freelance writer. For a teacher whose writing prowess is of high esteem and unique, this job is a great opportunity for you.

This will enable you to breakthrough in your teaching service. Freelance writing job will enable you to work freely at your comfort zone and earn enough money too.

3.) Private Tutoring/ Home Tutor

I know almost everyone is familiar with this. Most people out there are too busy to coach their children so they hire private tutors. What you as a private tutor will do is to help their kids solve their take home assignments and earn better grades at school.

However, People do hire private teachers to tutors them whenever they are preparing for any examination. This happens most especially during entrance examinations.

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As a teacher, you could look out for such opportunities and find people that are ready to hire private or home tutors and assist them in achieving their goals.

In some part of the world, private tutors earn a lot, for instance they can earn up to $50 per hour. Although this depends on how influential your clients are.

4.) School Uniform supplies

You can also start this business as a teacher. It doesn’t require you being a fashion designer before venturing into this business. It’s a work you can do by employing professional designers who will work together with you.

This is a very profitable business for teachers. As a teacher, you can get connections and contracts from various schools or colleges and supply school uniforms to them.

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5.) Book Writing and publishing

Most people do think that writing and publishing books is what a teacher is known for. This is because they believe they are the ones in the best position to write something unique and publish them to make extra cash.

As a teacher, you can start writing and publishing books on the very subjects you are specialized in. Example, you can write on poetry or even short creative storybooks for children.


With all these top five most profitable small business ideas and opportunities for teachers mentioned above, I believe it’s a good eye opener for teachers worldwide. Feel free to choose any of the opportunities of interest and create a passive income through teaching. Thanks for your time and make sure to share with friends on social medias too.

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