Best 10 Online Business For Students

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Online Business For Students


Do you know one thing everyone wants to do? Everybody especially students wants to earn money. However, it seems actually impossible to do so because currently as a student you don’t have the experience to find a part-time job. Also you would not have enough time  as well to find and partake in a full-time job. This is because you need time to study as well.

This actually makes students to think that they have nothing else to do in this situation and therefore concludes and decide to earn money working as waiters or dog walkers.

However, there exist no bad job either, especially at the beginning of a student’s career. But in this post, I will show you multiple online business opportunities to choose from so as to develop a professional career while you are still a student without loosing your precious time seeking for jobs to bring you money.

Complete Guide To Choose The Best Profitable Online Business For Students 

Mind you that this post is not only for students, anyone can tap into the information here and use it to create a passive income as well. As a student, I know it may be hard for you to be in constant hold of money because of your daily activities at College.

This complete guide to choosing the best online business for students will help you to establish a business with little to no capital. So don’t think you must be earning first before you can start your own business.

You can always start an online business without looking for sponsors or use your own money too. The two major things you need in your online business is an ardent desire to become successful and hard work to achieve your set goals.

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You should know that without hard work, it will be impossible to become a young successful businessman. So you need to make sacrifices and put all your effort and time on the business development.

NOTEWorking hard is not a guarantee to success but working smartly hard is the key

Are you ready to venture into the online business for students but don’t know where and how to start? Don’t worry because we are here and ready to help you with that! You can concur with me that there are huge numbers of online business for students. But we’ve analyzed and compiled the most profitable ones for you. So stay focus for we are advancing to the most interesting part!

The List Of Top 10 Most Profitable Online Business For Students

Below are the top 10 most profitable online business for students from our own perspective. So it is left for you to choose the one you can actually do.

Start A Blog Or Website

I want to give you a quality information here, so try as much as possible to understand it. Very well, online business is great but the outstanding ones are the 24/7 online business. Starting a content blog is quite easy and doesn’t require that much money and time as many people think. You don’t even need to be a web developer to start a blog or website.

If you know of a topic which can be related to your course of study in college, you can create a blog towards that niche.

For example; if you have some skills in skin care production. You can channel down your blog towards that niche and create quality content on them. You can start a free blog on blogspot or blogger under 10 minutes now.

Starting a blog or website at first may seem impossible but as you do it, you’ll enjoy it. Most people don’t know you can make money from a blog. There are various ways to make money from your blog which includes running Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Selling Advertisement slots etc.

A blog will allow you to share your ideas to the world and make money 24/7 from it.

Note: Any source of income that comes in 24/7 is a PASSIVE INCOME and you can escape the rat race if you have a resourceful blog.

The internet is a money making machine tool that anyone can harness even as a student. You can read our complete beginner’s guide to learn how to start a professional blog. This will definitely give you time to study as a student while running this online business.

Video Tutorial On How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot Or Blogger.

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Video Blogging

This is another online business for students. Video blogging is a process whereby images/pictures are used for creating information online. This can also be called VLog. This is just like starting a blog but now it is starting a video blog.

This is a very lucrative online business for students because it can generate huge income returns without consuming your time. The best platform for video blogging is YouTube. You can create a YouTube Channel and select a niche you will be posting on. For Example, you can go for entertainment, health, sport etc. these are the thriving niche on YouTube.

But the best thing you can do with a YouTube channel is to provide quality information or solve problems with it. Why did I say so? Information and problem solving channels can be revisited everyday or even years unlike entertainment that can last just for the moment.

You can have both a blog and YouTube channel and share each and every post in both of them at the same time and make money. YouTube is owned by Google and you can monetize your channel using Google AdSense and other means like affiliate marketing programs as well.

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Video blogging is similar to content blogging because they are medium of passing information. So you can choose the type of blogging you desire.

Freelance writer

Freelancing is a new age career. A Freelance writer is a person who typically writes for clients looking for contents and are being paid per writing assignment.

If you are good in English and writing, then you can utilize your writing skills for this online business. As you probably know, in this 21st century most online resources such as blogs and websites need professional writers to generate contents regularly. This is because of the huge demand for high quality and unique content.

However, there exist only few professionals who can actually write really effective contents. So you can see that there is plenty of opportunities for young online writers too.

You have to create and make your services special to the market or offer your services to other students who develop websites/blogs and applications by communicating directly to them.

Before starting this online business, you should select a niche you are very much familiar with and can provide quality writing services. For example, if you are studying business, marketing, programming etc, you can choose it as your niche and start writing contents for some famous online resources such as HubSpot or Forbes.

Freelance Web/App Developer

Web or app development is among the very best online business any student can do but it seems to be difficult for those who have no clue of what it is. While this is a good online business, it requires time because you need to learn coding.

However, for students who are already studying this, web or app development will be quite easy for them to practice. If you are one of them, you can become a web/app developer and start promoting your services online.

Web or app development business involves two basic approach. They are:

  • You can become a coder working with the back end of the web or apps.
  • You may also be the generator of the ideas for the web/apps. That is you’ll be working on the integration logic and writing a proper coding structure for them.

You should know that your salary will not be that high at first but after working on couple of successful projects. Then clients will search for you and are willing to pay more for your work.

Web/app development is very profitable because Facebook and top app developing companies are looking for people with this specific skill.

Web designer

Web designer doesn’t mean you also need to know coding because people do miss interpret it with web developer. If you are good editing with Photoshop or Sketch, you won’t find it difficult  starting an online career as a web designer.

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You can start creating visuals for websites and blogs, design icons and logos, or choose some other specialty. In this particular niche or category, opportunities are surplus for everyone, even the inexperienced and amateur designers.

However, you need to understand that this job can be difficult and tricky depending on the viewing point of cooperation and communication with your clients. Why did I say so? Sometimes your clients may not give you a clear technical task to work on. They not even explain what design they exactly want. You will be the one to do the thinking and everything involved, so you need to be ready for that.

Quick Tip:

As a web designer, you should not only put your eyes into those logo making and other smaller editing. You should reinforce yourself more on coding the theme of the website as this is where you can earn more.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online business where by a person sells a product or service using an affiliate link and gets paid.

Here as a student, all you need to do is to get links of products from authorized affiliate companies and promote them. And in returns you get paid for any products sold.

This online business doesn’t require anything such as money to start it up. All you need to do is to search for affiliate programs, sign up with the companies and promote their products.

Here are examples of companies that support affiliate programs. They are Amazon, eBay, Jumia, Konga etc.

Some websites such as e-commerce websites can also offer these affiliate marketing programs. All you need is to describe their products you want to sell and share them on social medias, blogs, YouTube and so on and wait for interested buyers to purchase them.

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Once the product is being sold with your affiliate marketing link, bang!! You’ll will be paid commission for selling the products.

So the only thing you need here is to look for high paying affiliate programs and as well sell products that can generate higher commissions.

NOTE: Affiliate marketing is best for students and individuals who already have a platform to market the products. Platforms like their own Blog, YouTube channel, website etc.

Why did I say so? This is because for you to fully sell a product, you have to convince the end buyer of the product yourself. And you can do either with a content or video platform describing the product.

So you can see that some of these work hand in hand. So the choice is yours to make.

Fashion designer

Several years back, it was almost difficult to achieve the dream to becoming a fashion designer. People were not prepared for that.

However, today fashion has taken over the world and everyone is looking for some unusual clothes, printed T-shirts, beautiful hand bags, and anything that is limited in the mass market.

Modern customers now knows that high quality goods are designed by young designer and at cheaper rate. And the best thing here is that you don’t even need a store to sell your clothes or accessories.

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You can use social medias like Instagram and Facebook for marketing purposes. Facebook has recently added options for selling and buying of goods online. You can use social media for the promotion of your business and it will not cost you a dime.

Instagram blogger

You can also try out Instagram blogging if you are active on social media. All you have to do is just to take great pictures and have many followers on social media.

Instagram is now one of the best blogging platforms for bloggers. We all know that people are always attracted to beautiful images and you can now use those images for your online business.

For example, if you are into marketing, you can implement your knowledge and strategies on this and see how everything works in reality.

Besides, we are in the fast changing world, you should try to keep up with the advanced changes. And the best way you can do this is by implementing some of these strategies in your business. Get more information about Instagram Blogging.

Drop Shipping

This is another profitable online business a student can venture into.

Drop shipping simply means selling of goods or products from e-commerce stores at a price much higher than the original price to consumers in other to make more profit.

This is an online business involving three people which are; the supplier, middleman (you) and the consumers. The one thing that makes this Drop shipping business more unique is you don’t need to own the goods or products like that of affiliate marketing.

All you have to do in this business is to target consumers or customers who are placing order on an e-commerce store. Once any customer is found simply purchase the product from the supplier and fill in the customer’s address for delivery. That’s all you do in this business, it’s very simple.

But for you to make more from this business, you need to be the owner of the e-commerce store. You can also use social media to do this. Go over to the store, get some products and advertise them on social media.

Any interested consumer may order the product from your social media profile and then you close the deal and earn money. If you are interested in this you can learn how to start a drop shipping business (Beginner’s Guide).

Essay writer

If you are good at English and love writing essays, you can make it your business too. You can start promoting your custom writing service among your friends and other students.

And definitely some of them would order an essay, especially if they happen to know that this area is one of your strong points. Of course, you need to be very careful in providing this kind of service as some colleges may not appreciate this approach to writing essays.

It is best to find clients in other colleges and universities and sign a non disclosure agreement with your clients.


If you are good at organizing and managing your time, it is possible to combine studying and running of a business.

I would advice you to run a business that is connected with your course of study which is also interesting to you. This will contribute to your future success and also help you in understanding what you should do to make your business bring you money.

That’s all I can say on the top 10 most profitable online business for students. Finally, the ball is in your court and the choice is yours to make.

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