Top Skills To Learn And Expand Your Skill Set In 2021

Twenty-Twenty One is as yet in its prime and we are still in the early months of the New Year, February. Definitely, on December 31st, you may likely have set an objective on the top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021. This is an ideal time, either as an undergraduate or as a working class personnel to begin learning amazing, exceptionally popular, and lucrative skills.

Once you have learned a skill, practice, forget, learn, relearn, and master that specific skill(s). At that point, you can proceed to sell yourself and make a huge amount of money for yourself. In this article, we will discuss on the top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021.

Top Skills To Learn And Expand Skill Set In 2021

There are lots of skills you can learn and use them to boost your already acquired skill. But I will be showing you in this post the top 5 skills that would expand skill set in this 2021.

Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

Here is the list of the top skills to learn and expand your skill set in 2021.

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Copywriting


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Cyber Security

Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

A large number of sites are hacked consistently if not millions. Companies and businesses with high authority sites are simple for programmers, hackers and other vindictive assaults to penetrate in to their website’s information if not properly secured.

Along these lines, businesses and companies with websites or online presence are in critical need of specialists and experts in cyber security to deliver their services in protecting computers, website data, hardware, mobile phones, applications, networks, and so forth, against malicious assaults.

This skill is worth mastering in 2021 as individuals who have the knowledge are scarce; it is unsaturated and a very lucrative skill to learn in this 2021. So long as programmers and hackers are always at work, cyber security experts will be required for a long time.

Google Analytics

Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

Despite the fact that, it is famously complicated, it is precisely one of the most basically top skills to learn and master in 2021. Numerous companies and businesses who have websites rarely know how to monitor all the activities running on their website.

They don’t know how to monitor information, data, traffic, and sales. Specialists and experts in Google Analytics could deliver or render their services to those businesses by managing all the activities that takes place on the company’s website.

Google Analytics is a data-tracking tool developed by Google that gives you the in-depth overview of your website’s activities and also giving you overall analysis of what is happening.

For example; How much traffic you get, how much sales you have made, the number of visitors clicking on your website everyday, and so many more.

Cloud Computing

Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

This skill is precisely one of the most unsaturated top skills to learn and master in 2021. Numerous organizations and businesses are currently moving from saving their assets in the traditional disk storage or hard drive to the cloud storage.

This makes it easier to get to their documents effectively from any where and from any gadget used. Also it is very safe. Files and information are stored on remote servers and all these information and files are accessed by means of the internet.

Companies are in critical need of cloud computing specialists and experts in this era in other to help save their files and information from crashing suddenly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

For quite a long time, SEO has been the foundation of whatever keyword you type on the Google search box. For instance, if you type ” pizza shops close to me” on the Google or Bing search box, it shows you a page loaded up with various websites that gives the most relevant solutions to your questions about pizza.

Likewise, it also suggests the best shops close to you where you can get the best pizza. That shop or organization suggested by the web index has been optimised for the web crawler.

Do you comprehend what I mean? Businesses have started to attract expected customers and sales through the search engines. Thus, there is no doubt that SEO specialists with the knowledge of On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, and technical SEO are in dire need by businesses and companies across the globe.

They need their company to get more traffic like the Amazon or McDDonalds. If you acquire and master this skill, you would be making a lot of money. It is unarguably now of the most hot skill to learn in 2021.

Also, if you have your own business or service, you can utilize this skill to skyrocket your business.


Top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021

This skill is one of the skills that is viewed as a work of art. It is over a hundred years old and it is still a hot cake. I may have talked about it last, however, it is quite the most popular skills to learn in 2021.

Businesses and organizations are in critical need of individuals with great composing and writing skill to help create enticing advertising and sales articles for social media and website.

This skill is so indispensable to the point that once you have mastered it, you start earning in six figures.


These skills I have listed and explained in this article are the 5 top skills to learn and expand skill set in 2021. These skills are in high demand by numerous businesses and companies.

When you master any of these skills, you can add them to your resume to attract employers during interviews. You can take online courses and seminars on Udemy to start learning any of these skills from scratch.

With everything we have discussed in this very article, we have come to the end of this article.

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