How To Make Money With Vconnect Affiliate Program 2020 (Best Guide)

Hey!! Welcome to InfoLeading Blog. If you landed on this page, I guess you are definitely interested on how to make money with VConnect affiliate program. I know most people want to make money online but don’t know how to do so.

You shouldn’t worry about online business because we got you covered on all the information needed to start one.

VConnect is a Nigerian base affiliate program that affiliate marketers use in making money online. Most people (bloggers) depend solely on adverts from Google AdSense to monetize their website.

How to make money with Vconnect affiliate program

Although AdSense is the number one money making target of any blogger but many of them is quite missing the very best of it which is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to go for when it comes to monetizing a website or blog.

If you check top and professional bloggers like Neil Patel, Shoumeloud etc they are no longer interested in AdSense rather they focus more on affiliate marketing.

I have seen a video where Neil Patel said that AdSense is even a scam that why he won’t use it anymore.


Watch This Video on How To Make Money With Vconnect Affiliate Program

So that is by the way but don’t get me wrong because you can use both AdSense and other affiliate programs like VConnect affiliate program.

There are so many affiliate programs to go for in Nigeria which are high paying as well. If you don’t have ideas on the one to go for, here are the top 10 high paying affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Follow the link above and choose the one you like, although VConnect  affiliate program is there as well but is just for you to see more.

I have come across so many affiliate program both abroad and local and I assure you that VConnect affiliate program is among the best.

It would be best for you to use this VConnect affiliate program on your blog or website. Why did I say so? A website if it happens to be on the first page of Google will get more visitors to your blog and in turn increase the number of clicks to your VConnect affiliate program.

This means you can actually write about any product review content on your blog and make money with VConnect affiliate program.


Create A Professional Blog For Affiliate Marketing

5 Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog 

There is no way this information would be left a secret to only a few, So I have decided to share this here for you to make passive income from your website and on social media as well.

In this article I will explain and answer a lot of questions such as;

What is affiliate marketing? What is VConnect? Is VConnect affiliate program Legit? What are the benefits of VConnect affiliate program? What products can I advertise on VConnect affiliate program? How can I make money with VConnect affiliate program? How can I sign Up for VConnect affiliate program? etc.

You can market and sell your VConnect products in so many places such as online because many people don’t go out for shopping rather they prefer to stay at home and get exactly the product they want.

VConnect Affiliate program is one of the best online stores for shopping in Nigeria. You can also hire a professional to help you out with your business in fact on virtually anything you need.

You should read this article to the end so as to understand every detailed information on how to make money with VConnect affiliate program in Nigeria.

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So without wasting much of your time let us get into the topic we have.

First of all I will start by explaining what affiliate marketing is all about.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where by an individual collaborates with a company to promote and sell their products and in turns earns a commission for that.

This is simply merging with people or companies who have products ready for the market and help them with promoting and marketing the products.

If anybody is interested in the product and pays for them through your affiliate links you will earn your commission. Learn more about affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

What is VConnect Affiliate Program?

VConnect is an online store in Nigeria just like Jumia and Konga where you can buy and sell goods from every part of Nigeria.

VConnect is also an online platform where you can hire experts and professionals to help you with business start up. You can also get experts on the field of home repairs and office decoration.

You can also get workers such as cleaners  from VConnect. So there is to an extent no limits to what VConnect affiliate program offers in Nigeria.

Is VConnect affiliate program Legit?

VConnect affiliate program is one of the best online stores which is available not only in Nigeria but various countries in Africa as well.

One interesting thing about VConnect is that you can buy and sell goods anywhere in Nigeria without any service charge.

For every affiliate marketer, they would like to know if the affiliate program they want to become affiliated to is a legit one and not a scam.

This is the number one question any marketer would consider before venturing into any affiliate program so you can avoid time wasting and lost of revenue.

To boost your confidence and trust, you don’t need to fear because VConnect affiliate program is a legit online platform.

Their is a guarantee for payments of commissions to all their affiliates without any failure. And if you encounter any difficulty, there is a 24 hours support system to assist you.

Benefits and how to make money with VConnect affiliate program

Before any affiliate marketer can sign up for any affiliate program, he or she would first check out the benefits and profits of the affiliate program is ready to offer.

This is the most important thing affiliate marketers check, as this can be a huge source of motivation that will employ them to promote the products of those affiliate program.

VConnect affiliate program offers any affiliate marketer and bloggers the opportunity to monetize their website traffic free of charge. The commission rate of VConnect is too good as well.

The registration into VConnect affiliate program is free likewise everything required for advertising their products is free also.

VConnect has so many benefits and you can make money with VConnect affiliate program once you sign up as an affiliate marketer, there is no service charge for any product you purchase or sell on the VConnect online platform.

You can easily find your target audience with VConnect affiliate program, this means that you can actually get more customers who are interested in services you render.

Where and how to advertise your VConnect affiliate links

Once you are being approved by VConnect affiliate program after signing up, you have to start advertising their affiliate links and banners so as to attract customers to buy their goods.

Like I said earlier, the best place you can advertise and market this VConnect affiliate links and banners is on your blog or website.

You need to integrate those banners within your articles so that your visitors can easily see them and by so doing may be prompted to click on them.

You can also share the affiliate links of any product you want to promote within your website and also on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

There is no limit to where you can advertise and make money with VConnect affiliate program links. You can as well use your email subscription list to advertise your links and banners.

This makes VConnect affiliate program one of the best affiliate programs to go for because of so many options it offers for advertising.

Products you can Advertise with VConnect affiliate program

VConnect is a trending online store in Nigeria and they offer varieties of products you can actually make money from if being purchase with you affiliate links.

Here is a list of products you can advertise using VConnect affiliate program;

a.) Children Materials and toys

b.) Clothes

c.) Electronic equipment

d.) Health and beauty equipment

e.) Landed properties

f.) Shoes and so on

Types of services that takes place on VConnect affiliate program

There are many services that takes place on Vconnect affiliate program. Below is a list of some services that takes place on Vconnect;

Business Services: On this business field, you can hire an expert or professional who can assist you on the following: Insurance, Real Estate Agents, Visa Agents, Website design trainer.

You can also get loans from top business co-operations with little interest rates to be paid at the end of the deal.

You can as well hire a content writer for your blog or website from Vconnect business services.

Event Management: On this category of services rendered, you can actually hire experts and professionals on the following fields:

Photographer for party and events pictures, wedding planners, cake bakers for weddings and birthdays, catering services for any event and so on.

Home and office cleaning: In this section, you can hire experts who can assist you in doing some of these following home and office clean up which includes floors, curtain, house, office, fumigation, furniture and so on.

Home Repairs: In this area, you can hire professionals and experts who can assist you with the repair of the following home appliances such as generator repairer, inverter installation and repairer, air condition installation and repairer, phone repairer and even electricians can be hired on Vconnect.

From the list of services I have shown you above, you can actually see that Vconnect affiliate program offers so many services.

The one’s listed here are just some of the service I know about, there are more services you can get from Vconnect affiliate program.

How to sign up and make money with Vconnect affiliate program

Signing up on Vconnect online store is totally free of charge because you don’t need to pay a dime to get registered.

All you to do is to go to Vconnect and click on sign up icon which will pop up the form below.

Vconnect affiliate program sign up

Then fill the form with your correct information so that your application can be approved.

You can also use your google account to login to Vconnect dashboard or even with Facebook account which is quite the easiest way to access your Vconnect dashboard.

You may as well send your application via [email protected]

This is simply how to sign up and make money with VConnect affiliate program anywhere in the world.

Vconnect varies in many African countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

How to contact VConnect Agents

The Vconnect contact service is always availiable 24 hours everyday. You can contact them if you are an affiliate marketer or if you want to register a business with them.

You can connect with them via this email address: [email protected]

You can also reach them through this mobile phone number: 09070400695

VConnect Head Office Location

Vconnect head office is located at No. 203, Herbert Mcaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos Nigeria at 2nd floor.


From our discussion so far on how to make money with Vconnect affiliate program, I believe you have seen an online business opportunity you can make money from.

This is a good and legit online affiliate program you can partake in.

All you have to do is to follow all the steps I have shown you in this article and sign up for Vconnect affiliate program.

Vconnect affiliate program is one of the best affiliate program you can use to monetize your blog or website for free.

Do not waste anytime after reading this post, just do what it says and you will see the results.

Remember to like and share this post with your friends and family. And if you are new to this blog subscribe to our newsletter to receive any updates on information within the categories of this blog.

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