How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval In 2020

Best Genuine Way To Get Google AdSense Account Approval In 2020 Within 1 week

Welcome to, where we share information and tutorials. Today am going to show you the genuine and best way to get Google AdSense Account approval in 2020.

How to Get Google AdSense Account Approval

As many bloggers enter into the journey of blogging, they would at a time want to make money from their blogs or website. So they look for ways to monetize their blogs by running advertisement on them.

They would seek for information on the best advertising network and what pops up will be Google AdSense. Google AdSense, like most bloggers know, is the best advertising network so far, offering the best commission per click.

Google AdSense is the most simplified and easy to implement advertising network. You make money from CPC and amount of Impression generated. So let’s leave a lot of praises and get into the topic of today.

The question people do ask are; what are the fastest way to get Google AdSense approval? How to get AdSense under 1hour? Trick on how to get Google AdSense Approval for my blog? And so much more.

In this post, am going to show you the genuine way to get Google AdSense Account Approval in 2020.

Here is a proof of a website I got AdSense account approval for. 


Google AdSense Account Rejected

The above image shows that AdSense Application was rejected


Google AdSense Approved

The second image proofs the AdSense Account got approval on the second application.

Google AdSense Account Approval have changed over the years, when you just sign up and get approval on your very first application without even having a blog or website of your own. Google AdSense have closed all those leakages in their program so as to avoid those who tend to follow the back door.

Now, for you to get Google AdSense account approval in 2020, you have to follow certain terms and rules which am dropping below. Google AdSense have a two way verification process.

First when you sign up for a/your website, you’d get the first approval from Google, which may say, your Google AdSense Account has been approved. But you will see in the email to follow the link to implement the Ad codes on your blog or website.

Here are the top 6 genuine process to get Google AdSense approval in 2020.

1.) You must have a Blog or Website

I believe for you to be looking for AdSense approval, you must own a blog or website of your own. Owning a website is the first step to getting Google AdSense Approval. The reason you must have your own website is to have access to everything and content of the website.

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This will also help you to implement the AdSense code within the areas and pages you tend to display the Ads.

2.) Good Website Design

Google have made it compulsory for any website intending to display Google Ads must have a good website design. This is to enable viewers of your pages to easily access and navigate through every content of your website.

Also good website does not only end on the design but also the page speed. I myself got AdSense approval with a fast loading blogger template. Here is the link to download the template CB blogger template.

3.) Include Important Pages

Before your AdSense Account can be fully approved to display Ads, there are certain important pages that you must include on your website or blog.

These pages are: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Sitemap.
Make sure all these pages I just mentioned above are included in your website.

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4.) Unique Content

You know many newbies into blogging will copy and paste other people’s or blogger’s contents in their website without giving attributes or links to the original content. This is known as pirated or plagiarized content.

Google would never approve any website that publishes copied contents. All the contents within your blog or website must be a unique content well written by you or any copywriter.

5.) Crawl Your Blog To Google

After you have created and published your blog or website to the public or social media, for maximum and organic traffic you need to crawl your website to Google.

Why did I say so? For you to genuinely get Google AdSense approval, search engines much detect your website and know what type of contents are there. Crawl your website through Google search console.

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Also crawling your website and each blog post you publish to google, will reduce the risk of other people stealing your content and crawling it before you. And later when you do so it will no longer be unique.

6.) Get Traffic To Your Blog

Although most contents I have read would say there is no need for blog traffic to get AdSense Account Approval. I think that’s not true, this is because if you don’t have page views of any sort in your blog, how then will Google AdSense detect impressions from your website or blog.

So do not think that traffic doesn’t matter. I don’t mean that you should look for thousands of traffics all I want to say is that you need people to see your content even if it is 5-10 persons it is a progress.

You can use social medias like Facebook and twitter to get some traffics for the mean time but don’t depend on it for the long term.

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I have given the 6 basic steps to get your AdSense Account Fully Approved. But mind you that even though you don’t get approved at your first trial, never give up.

Try to find out the reasons why you didn’t get approval and try again.

Please I recommend all bloggers looking to get Google AdSense Account Approval to endeavor to read Google AdSense policy. This will also help you in knowing some of the problems you may be facing.

I believe with all these detailed genuine process on how to get Google AdSense Account Approval, if applied well you will get your account approved in no time this 2020.

So what do you think about these processes. You can use the comment box or contact us page below to give us some feedback.

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