How To Make Money With Opera News Hub 2020 (Best Guide)

Hello! You’re welcome to InfoLeading. If you have landed on this post, I guess you are looking for how to make money online? If yes, then let me show you how to make money with opera news hub in Nigeria this 2020.

I’ll be sharing with you how you can make up to $200 (₦90,000) each and every month easily by just learning how to make money with Opera News Hub.

How to make money with opera news hub

I want you to know that Opera news is among the best online platform to make money as an publisher/author in Nigeria.

You need to take your time to read this in-depth article that covers everything you need to know about how to make money with Opera News hub.

Most questions people do ask about opera news includes:

a.) Who is the owner of opera news? 

b.) What is opera news hub?

c.) How do I become opera news hub creator?

d.) How do I upload a video to opera news hub?

e.) How do you cash out on Opera news hub?

f.) How do I get paid with opera news hub?

I will answer all these questions here, so you’ll fully understand everything about this online business. Your job here is to read every information in this content.

Here is a full Video tutorial On how to make money with opera news hub

Do you know the Opera browser?

Opera News Hub is very different from Opera browser but they are created by the same company, so they are interconnected.

When I mean interconnected, all other Opera products like Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Opera Touch and so on features the Opera New Hub as well.

This will make the contents you publish on Opera news hub gain GLOBAL exposure and publicity.

There are so many benefits you can get from joining the opera news hub either as an author or a publisher.

Opera news hub benefits

For instance, as a blogger, publishing on opera news hub can generate you with backlinks and traffic opportunities by broadening your reach.



Step By Step Guide To Start A Professional Blog Or Website

How To Make Money Blogging

You know most people love to share great content, your opera news audience will definitely share an informative content of yours on social media.

And in so doing, one way or the other some persons may link back to your blog for further reference.

If all I have said so far is of great importance to you, then you don’t need to waste any time starting it.

You surely need to be guided through the processes involved on how to use Opera News Hub and make cool money in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

I just decided to let the cat out of the bag because I love sharing ideas that can put money in your pockets.

My main goal is seeing that the readers of this blog gets the very best information out there to equip them to become successful. Most persons won’t want to reveal such online making money strategy free, but we do it here.

However, making money with opera News hub is no secret again. If you haven’t heard of it before, now is surely the time.

This is absolutely a great opportunity that I shouldn’t keep to myself because it won’t add more to my earnings though.

I remember when I first heard of this from a friend, he probably wanted me to pay for it. Perhaps, I had to find it out myself.

What am about to show you here is really in-depth but it is worth it.

And you should know this is not the first online business ideas and opportunities I have discussed.

There are other businesses you could venture into from this website. I will drop most of the links in between the content. So endeavor to read this post to the end.

Many people are making money with Opera news hub and new persons are diving in too.

So even if I share this online money making opportunity with you or not, someone else might do.

You should follow the guidelines in this article and start making money with opera news hub as well as others.

So, without wasting much of you time, let”s dive into what Opera news hub is all about and how it works?

Do You know what Opera News Hub is and How it Works?

Before jumping into how to make money with opera news hub, I will like you to know what opera news is all about, how and when it started and what you can use it for?

Answering those questions, will give you an overview of this online earning platform.

Opera news is a new hub platform where posts, amazing stories and interesting news are being shared online. It is a new online media platform where bloggers and writers can as well get exposure of their work piece.

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This platform can be used by anybody not excluding the highly dedicated bloggers, writers and freelancers to share their various thoughts and make cool cash online. And you should know that the more your content generates awareness, the more income you make.

This content platform permits writers to create, publish and share original content online with over 400 million Opera users all over the world.

Opera News is one of the widely used app in Nigeria and the most downloaded news app all over the world with more than 30 million users.

Opera browser is one of the oldest browsers since the launch of Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology in Nigeria around 2003/2004.

I do remember then, when we use certain tricks and codes to surf the internet free for months using the opera browsers on java phones.

But as time goes on, most of those tricks stopped working because of the improvement of service providers by communication networks.

And Opera still offers free browsing now, like the free daily 50MB Airtel and MTN gives for opera mini news without downloading. This enables them to attract more users and give free browsing to existing users as well.

So, you shouldn’t be surprised hearing and reading an article on how to make money with opera news hub if you write and publish an article.

The Opera News app is supported by certain computers and smartphones running on the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Android

This Opera News hub didn’t start now. It has been in existence since last year being November 2019 so as to improve the opera handling fun.

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So with these explanations, you now know what this content platform is all about.

Let me now show you how it works?

Making money with opera news is not that difficult. All you need is to understand the basic things therein.

To make money consistently with this platform, you need to write interesting posts.

When I say interesting post, I mean a quality, unique and engaging article.


Your articles may be trending news, events, educational or political posts that people would love to read and share.

For instance; you can decide to write an article on the latest events that is happening in your area like riots etc and state what caused it after thorough investigations.

You can write anything you feel that people would be interested in and the topic should be relevant as well.

At certain point your content may go viral because of it’s usefulness to the masses.

And by doing this, you can generate money with Opera News Hub.

Learn How to make money with Opera News Hub in Nigeria

Making money with opera news hub actually depends on the engagements from your contents.

In other to earn money, you should aim at writing quality posts that will genuinely attract engagements to them.

The activities that do occur within your published articles will determine how much you’ll probably earn. That is to say, the more people engage in your content the more money you make.

So, in other to make money with opera news hub, your articles needs to have enough views, comments, likes and shares.

You can achieve this by regularly publishing GREAT contents. This is because you can’t go about looking for user to engage with your article but with compelling contents you are a step forward.

But mind you that this platform is not where you just dump articles and expect huge money.

There are certain follow up strategies to enable enough users find and engage with your content.

Below are strategies to adopt on how to make money with Opera News Hub:

  1. Create Viral Content: A viral content is a content that are highly shared on so many platforms like the social media. Why? This is because they are unique, original, relevant and critical. When someone views and reads an interesting content, he or she will want to share it with their friends and family to learn from the post. Following that thread, others will also do the same sharing.
  2. Content should be above 150 words per post: Actually, the volume of your post don’t actually matter that much but its authority do. Make your content to be rich in other to be engaging. And your content should be above 150 words so as to explain the relevant points in the content for your readers to love it.
  3. Engagement: You shouldn’t forcefully create articles, rather write engaging articles. You can put them in suspense and also encourage them to like share and comment on your post before leaving.

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Actually, Opera News hub doesn’t pay you for the number of articles you have written rather the focus on the engagements which includes the number of times users clicks, reads, shares and comments on your articles.

In the mean time, you should read this entire post to the very end and then mark out your plan.

You can just devote 24 to 48 hours per week and create a content for your opera news hub.

The Opera news hub platform has a monthly earning system for the payment of users based on their performance. This monthly payment do happen every 1st and 15th of each month.

You should know that this opportunity is created by a group of entrepreneurs with a set goal.

And in that case, you have to meet their requirements in other to get paid.

Writing is quite a great work to do, but in most conditions, the writer may be short of ideas to create a content. And in any case the requirements are too much for you to meet, don’t be discouraged.

You can hire a freelance writer to do the writing for you and you pay per content.

About Freelance Writer?

Freelance writers are content creators. They do the content writings and get paid while doing what they love.

All you need to do is to give the writer your topic ideas and they create a quality content for you.

You can search for writers in multi author blogs and writing groups on social media. In less than no time you will see writers for your topic ideas.

But you should know that you MUST meet the Opera News Hub requirements for your posts to be approved.

Most of the freelance writers might be doing copy and paste, which is stealing other people’s work.

If you neglect screening the articles that is being created by those freelance writers, and go ahead to publish them on Opera news, you will be wasting your time and money. This is because opera won’t approve those stolen articles also known as plagiarism.

And if you perform those actions (stolen contents) multiple times, your account will be blocked by Opera.

So I’ll advice you to look for great freelance writers and also do check whether those contents are unique before you publish them.

As I have explained how to make money with opera news hub, let’s dive into the processes to start this online business.

Step by step guide on how to make money with Opera News Hub

I have talked and talked for long now about Opera News hub and how you can make money with it.

Below are the required steps and guides that is involved on how to make money with opera news hub platform.

This will start by you creating an opera news hub publisher account and as we go further you’ll learn the rest.

STEP 1: Create an opera news publisher account

Before you learn how to make money with opera news hub, you have to create an account with them.

Follow this link to create an account with Opera news hub

Opera news hub sign up

As you land on the web page, you will see a red “Login/Signup” button like the image above.

Just click that and it will take you over to the next page that looks like the image below.

A pop-up page will ask you to Login either through Facebook or Google (Gmail). Either of them is good but make sure your password is good to go.

But for this content, I will show you those steps using Google (Gmail).

Become creator on opera news hub

Just click on Continue with Google and input all the details that is required to login to your Gmail account.

Once you’ve Logged in through your Google, you will then confirm the login information and register your new details with Opera news hub.

However, in summary, this involves three stages:

  1. Login account confirmation
  2. Account information
  3. Author information

STEP 2: Confirm your opera news hub account login

You will have to confirm your opera news hub account login details which includes

  • Photo
  • Username
  • country

If you login with your right information, your account login information won’t be wrong.

But if you encounter problem while doing so just click on use another account.

Otherwise continue by clicking on Confirm and go over to the next step.

STEP 3: Fill account information

You should fill your account information properly.

Enter opera news account information

This will include the following Opera New;

  • Username
  • Category you want to focus on (News, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Relationship and so on).
  • Profile picture
  • Biography

You can use simple and attractive username, select a category you have ideas on, use a very nice picture and write a quality biography of yourself.

STEP 4: Fill up the author information

Take your time and fill up the author personal information. The information you provide here is what you are going to use to claim your payment.

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If you provide incorrect information here, you may not be able to withdraw your money.

NOTE:  The mobile phone number you used in opening your Opay account is your Opay number. This number is what you’ll be using to withdraw your earnings.

So for this sole purpose, make sure all the information you are keying in here is correct.

Once you are through with the filling and submission of the form, you will automatically be directed to Opera News Hub dashboard.

You should know that it will take a few minutes for your account to become activated. This is because every new account is first reviewed by the company before your account will fully be activated.

STEP 5: Open an Opay account

In case you don’t have an Opay account don’t worry because I will show you how you can open one. I do remember last year when Opay was doing their promo or thereabout, most people created accounts with them.

If you are one of them, you can actually move over to the next step, but if you don’t have one then just follow this link to create an Opay account and follow the steps below to set it up on your mobile phone.

Steps to create an Opay account:

  1. Go over to Google Playstore and download Opay app.
  2. Signup with a valid mobile phone number i.e 11 digits number.
  3. Verify your account with the code that will be sent to that number.
  4. Login with your password.
  5. Fill up your personal information like that in your ID card.
  6. Select a payment pin.
  7. Go over to your email and verify your email address as well.

STEP 6: How to link Opay account to Opera News Hub

As Opera have the authority either to approve, ban and choose the articles to be published on their platform, it’s your job to know how to link Opay account to opera news hub and start tracking your earnings.

This is another step on how to make money on opera news hub.

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To link Opay account to Opera News Hub is not a problem.

Just go over to your Opera news hub dashboard and do the following:

Login to your Opera news hub, tap on Account and scroll down to CONTACT INFORMATION.

Click on OPAY ACCOUNT and you will see a pop up page showing Update your Opay Account.

Add your Opay number ( phone number e.g 07034540305) to that form and click on Update.

And that’s all.

So, you’ve successfully linked your account with Opera News hub. And you can start publishing quality content and start earning money online.

And whenever you reach their minimum threshold, you withdraw from your opay account into your bank account. This is just the final set up guide on how to make money with Opera news hub.

STEP 7: Create your first article

As soon as your account is fully activated, then your online business start immediately.

In other to create your very first Opera news article, you’ll go over to your dashboard like as the image below and click on Create.

It will take you to a page and you’ll see Article. Beneath it is where you can create your contents.

Create your first post with opera news hub

I will like to let you know the functions of certain tools in your dashboard.

You can see from the image above, there is a portion at the top where you can place your title and a free portion where you can write your content.

  1. Click on add title to enter your article title.
  2. Click on the free portion (text area) to start writing your content.
  3. There are also H1 and H2 tags, bold, link and image symbols above the text area which you can use to add subheadings, links and so on to your post.

When you are through with writing of your content, just scroll down and complete the following tasks in the image below before you click on publish.

These tasks will help in boosting click through rate of your article.

That is just how to make money with opera news hub as a writer.

How do I get paid with Opera News Hub as an Author?

Most people do ask how do I get paid with opera news hub as an author for publishing an article on their platform.

Like I said earlier that this is a guide to make money with Opera news Hub, but I must still answer this question so you will actually know how they do their payment.

If your article is being clicked only once, it will generate a bonus of ₦0.036 for the author.

From this estimate let’s calculate the cost of certain clicks below:

  • 100 clicks = ₦3.6
  • 1,000 clicks = ₦36
  • 10,000 clicks = ₦360
  • 25,000 clicks = 2.5 * 360 = ₦900

This is the normal payment for clicks.

Another way you make money aside clicks is through the opera news hub engagement bonus.

What is Opera News Hub engagement bonus?

This is when people love your articles more that a lot of activities like comments, shares and likes are being done on the article.

Opera news hub engagement bonus earnings is quite higher than clicks.

If your article gets up to 100 engagement, you will get a bonus of ₦1,800.

For instance;

Assuming you get 350 opera news hub engagement bonus, it is 3.5 * 1,800 = ₦4,500.

In as much as you striving to get clicks, engagements can give you more than you think.

To learn more about the payment strategies, go over to Opera News hub’s payment policy.

How to approve your post instantly (i.e removal of opera new hub pending symbol )

Getting your contents approved instantly after putting in the work is the primary goal to making money with opera.

This is also the happiest thing that any writer or publisher on Opera news hub wishes for. Because not all submitted contents will get approved or go live on Opera news.

Most articles are rejected or even banned if it goes against their terms and conditions or privacy policy.

In other to get your post published instantly and remove the opera news hub pending symbols them, you should avoid the following practices:

Copyright Violation

Opera News hates plagiarism, like I have already said earlier.

Avoiding copyright violation is key to make money with opera news instantly once you get approved.

This means that you shouldn’t be stealing other people’s content and think you will make money with it.

You must write a unique content so it will be an original content, so avoid doing copy and paste.

Avoid Power word and emotional terms titles

Bloggers use power words and emotional terms title so as to add positive and negative sentiments to their title.

The reason they do this is to help them get clicks to their content.

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But Opera news hub doesn’t like such titles because it can increase your click through rate. So if such titles are found in your post title, they may be delayed or not published.

If you want to avoid these, you should avoid the following terms;

  1. OMG
  2. Best
  3. Surefire
  4. Unbelievable
  5. Must watch
  6. Must read
  7. Life changing
  8. Surprise

How to upload a video to opera news hub

I am going to show you two ways you can upload a video to opera news hub. Uploading videos was quite difficult before because there was no slot on opera dashboard for that.

Most bloggers already know how to do this but I will show it here.

STEP 1 : Using YouTube Videos

You can upload YouTube videos on opera news. All you need to do is to look for any video you want to describe your content with and get the link.

In other for you to get the link of the video, go to the video and click on share.

It will show you several platforms to share the content but instead highlight and copy the video’s URL.

Now go over to opera new hub, where you are writing your content and paste the link.

Once you have pasted it, the link will automatically generate the video’s thumbnail.

That’s what is required for the first step to upload a video on opera news hub.

STEP 2:  Uploading videos from Gallery

This second step is just of recent because this feature was not on opera new before.

For you to be able to do this, you need to update your opera news app to the latest version (Ver. 7.5).

Follow this link here to download it.

This update may not yet be available on playstore but you can download it above and enjoy the benefits.

After downloading and installing it,open it up and you’ll now see the add video symbol on the new app.

This is the second step on how to upload a video on opera news hub.

How to check your earnings on opera news

I know you may be wondering where your earnings might be. Because you won’t want your time and work to be in vain.

You shouldn’t worry about that because you can check your earnings any time you want.

If you want to see what you have earned so far follow the below process.

  • Login to your account
  • Go to your dashboard
  • Click on monetization

Once you click on monetization, a page containing the details of your earnings will pop up.

Then you can now check your earnings.

How do you cash out on Opera News Hub?

This is the final question I will answer on how to make money with opera news hub in Nigeria.

Many people do ask how do you cash out on opera news hub?

If you want to withdraw your earnings from opera news hub, you will first of all meet some requirements as well.

Your earnings must meet the minimum payout threshold which is ₦5,000.

So once you make up to ₦5,000 you’ll be eligible to withdraw your money.

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But like I said earlier, that opera news do their payments on the 1st and 15th of each month.

So it is only on these specified days that it will be possible to withdraw your earnings.

For you to do this, go to your dashboard and check for withdraw earnings.

You will do that transaction by logging into either your Google or Facebook account.

You will receive the payment to your Opay account within 24hrs but there may be a delay in cashing out into your bank account.

But this depends solely on the banks. So no worries because definitely you’ll be paid.

All you need to do is to have patience.


So far in our discussion on how to make money with opera news hub, I believe you have learnt a new online business you can do from the comfort of your home and make money online.

This is a good and legit online business anyone can do both the employed and unemployed.

Opera news has created job opportunities for many Nigerians and you can be one of those people.

All you have to do is to sign up and follow the steps I have given you in this article and you’ll have the chance to earn money from your writing skills.

You may not be a good writer at first but with determination and time, you will improve and make a lot of money online with opera news hub.

Remember not to steal other people’s contents and just create yours because it will definitely help you become a much better writer in no time.

That’s all I have to say on how to make money with opera news hub here in Nigeria or anywhere you may find yourself in the world.

Please remember to like and share this post with friends and loved ones, so they can also partake in this online business with you.

Because knowledge is power only when it is being used.

Need any help?

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts on how to make money with opera news hub. And also do subscribe to our newsletter to get more interesting tips like this. Thanks for your time.


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