Challenges And Prospects Of Rabbit Production In Nigeria

Rabbit production in Nigeria is constantly changing throughout the years. And there are many challenges and prospects of Rabbit production in Nigeria.
Ranging from small scale production to commercial production. This will be discussed in this post, so endeavor to read to the very end.
Challenges And Prospects Of Rabbit Farming In Nigeria

Choosing Rabbits for your farming business, is kind of much easier than most different micro-livestock animals. This is often because it doesn’t need abundant land area or infrastructure to manage the assembly.

There are completely different breeds of Rabbits that are commercially made anyplace. There are several reasons for rearing rabbits, like for meat, breeding, experimental functions so on.

Let me throw more light on the challenges and prospects of Rabbit Production in Nigeria

1. Production for Meat

If the sole purpose of your rabbit farming business is for production of meat. Then make provision for all facilities to carry out this programme.

Starting from the slaughter house straight to the consumers. For example, the supply of meat to Restaurants, hotels, joints, stores etc.

2. For Experimental Purposes

Another reason for rabbit farming as a means to generate money is by using them in laboratories and hospitals.

Many rabbit farmers cannot meet with the problem of production of enough rabbits for these experimental purposes.

This is because the farmer must have the license to produce these livestock animals for Laboratory, Hospitals and also higher institutions usage.

The major difference between the production for Laboratory purposes and other rabbit production is because they are being checked to meet the proper  hygienic conditions.

3. For Breeding Purposes

Most people also prefer to enter into production of rabbit solely for breeding stock. Here the rabbits are being raised in other to meet a quality standard such as, the health, size and so on. This will enable the farmer to use them for advertisement purposes or show too.

Prospects of Rabbit Production

1. Food Sufficiency

In other to meet the unending desire and demand for food by man in Nigeria, farmers need to develop another manner of approach so as to meet and contain the demand. And rabbit production is a sure way for the reduction of the insufficiency of food in Nigeria.

Rabbit production has been one of the main sources of quality food in Nigeria because of its health benefits.

Production of Rabbits in a large or commercial scale will hence provide enough quality food, create employment opportunities and also increase and generate income.

2. Essential Nutrients for the Body

Rabbit meat is highly nutritional. The nutritional values of rabbit meats are calcium, vitamins, energy, protein etc.

And most animal meat do not possess these amount nutritional values for the benefit of the body.

Rabbit is a quality meat because of its health benefits which includes low cholesterol, fat in comparison to other animals.

This makes it essential for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Also there is no taboo associated with the intake or  consumption of this meat.

3. Reduction of Unemployment

Many individuals have embarked on the quest for the production of rabbit because it of its low cost to start. Aside being a good source of food production, it is also a genuine source of income for farmers in Nigeria.

This helps to reduce the unemployment rate in this country and as well creates job or employment opportunities.

Challenges of Rabbit Production 

1. Lack of Quality Information

Lack of quality information on technical knowledge on the production of rabbits is detrimental.

This is one of the most and difficult challenges in the production of rabbits. With a popular quote that says “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER“.

Lack of quality information on rabbit production will lead to no future developments and expansion in the business.

2. Lack of Access to Specified Breeding Stock

Here is another challenge for the production of rabbit. Making the right decision or choice of buying the best breeding species is challenging. It is best to acquire your breeding stock from a licensed breeding center.

Buying of breeding stock from local rabbit production farmers may in a way affect the inbreeding production.

3. Disease Outbreak and Lack of Quality Feeding

Another challenge in the rabbit production sector is the sudden outbreak of diseases and mortality rate of the livestock animals. Another thing that can cause this, is the lack of quality feeding. Which can lead to inconsistency and deficiency in the production of these livestock animals.

4. Lack of Access to Modern Technology

Here is another problem causing limitation to the increase of rabbit production in Nigeria. But if there is employment or the use of modern technology and marketing strategies, production will definitely increase. Because of the unavailability of  these technologies to the farmers, rabbit production has always been at the same stage.

Conclusion and Suggestion

If the production of rabbits is consistent, it can contribute to food sufficiency, reduce unemployment and create job amenities.

The government and all the agriculture interested private cooperation should embark on programs that will assist and grow the services.

There is need for provision of modern technology in this aspect of livestock production. This is as a result of constant change in agriculture, therefore it is necessary to adopt a change too. These modern facilities will boost the production of the rabbits by Nigerian farmers.

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Quality Information and technical knowledge in the production of rabbit is very necessary. This will improve the development of the sector to attain greater heights, for the farmers and consumers too.

If all these points I’ve listed and explained above are being achieved by the farmers and the government. I believe productivity will increase and the market will expand thereby promoting the growth of rabbit sector in Nigeria.

With the detailed information in this post, I believe you now know most of the challenges and prospects of rabbit production in Nigeria today. Remember to give us feedback using the comment box below or contact us page.

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