ISA Brown Chicken Breed: All You Need To know

Every Information You Need To know About ISA Brown Chicken Breed

ISA Brown Chicken Breed is one of the most popular chicken breeds in the world. Research shows that out of 10 poultry farms, one keeps ISA brown chickens.

ISA brown chicken breed
ISA Brown Chickens

The reasons for this are:

1.) The very cost of maintaining and managing the ISA Brown chicken breed is low.

2.) They are very efficient in conversion of feed to meat and eggs.

3.) They are quite resistant to the effect of heat in comparism to the black laying chicken breeds like NERA Black breed.

4.) ISA Brown chicken breeds are very friendly, attractive and lay quality brown eggs.

Are you interested in raising the ISA Brown Chicken Breed?

Below are all the information you should know about the ISA Brown chicken breed.


The ISA Brown chickens do have an average/minimum lifespan of  about 3 years. However, if you manage them properly and under standard chicken conditions, they can live for longer years.


This breed of chicken is very popular across the globe especially in Africa. And almost all the poultry farmers breeds them. You can easily buy the chicks from local hatcheries.

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Origin and History

The ISA Brown chicken breed originates from the USA and it is actually a hybrid breed. It was developed in 1978 by a company called Institut de Selection Animale.


The ISA Brown chicken breed sole purpose are for egg production, poultry meat or even as pet chickens. However, there are other purposes but these 3 are the major ones.

Personality and Temperament

The chickens are quite adorable, affectionate and most of it all, friendly. They get along with human beings very easily and have a good characteristics of a pet. One ‘bad’ but normal thing with this chicken breed is that they are very territorial in nature. This meaning that they often attack newly chicken that are introduced into the flock.

Laying Performance

The ISA Brown chicken breed is primarily for the purpose of laying eggs. They are very prolific in egg laying ability and can produce up to 300 eggs within a year.

They usually start laying eggs around 18k weeks or 6 months of age. However, their laying period ability do terminate around the 90th week of their life.

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They are usually brown in colour and most of them do have white tail feathers.


ISA Brown chickens normally needs quality attention and care to do very well. They need good accommodation, quality feed and water. Vaccination and medication are also very important.


Just like every other poultry birds, ISA Brown chickens also needs to be fed with all essential nutrients in other to reach optimum performance. A well prepared layer mash is highly needed by an adult ISA Brown hen to perform well.


They don’t have a specific housing system because they do well either in cages, deep litter house or even on free range.

However, make sure that their homes are safe from extreme/severe weather conditions and predators. You should also provide a separate space for nesting (nesting boxes) if you intend rearing them under deep litter management or the free range system.


ISA Browns are very strong chickens and can adapt well in both hot and cold weather conditions. They also do well almost in all environments.

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Where Can You Buy Good ISA Brown Chicken Breed

There are good and reputable hatcheries that produce ISA Brown chicks. For instance, in Nigeria, Zartech, CHI, AMO and Farm Support do produce the ISA Brown chicks. Visit reputable chick vendor to buy yours.

For Nigerians, you can buy your ISA Brown day old chicks online from Afrimash. This is a reputable and trusted online shop for livestock farmers in Nigeria.

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