How To Start Tissue Paper Production Business In Nigeria

How to start Tissue paper production Business in Nigeria Complete Guide 

Welcome to infoleading, am going to share with you the complete guide on how to start Tissue paper production business in Nigeria. So endeavor to read this post to the end to understand what this post is about.


How to start tissue paper production in Nigeria

Like we all know that tissue paper is a sanitary commodity that is generally in use at homes, hospitals, hotels, offices etc.

Research analysis shows that Nigeria alone do need up to 1,000 million tons of tissue papers every year but the total production output is way less than 200 million tons. The demand is high but supply is low and quite disturbing. In this case, this is a great opportunity for aspiring investors in Nigeria.

However, there exist opportunities externally too where the tissue paper products undergoes exportation to other West African countries like Ghana etc. This business can also be a source of job opportunities for the country as well.  Because of this, getting grants or loans from federal government will include no interest rate for appropriate establishment of the business in Nigeria.

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It is not possible for any product that you produce carefully and do proper marketing within the country won’t be a success.

Opportunities in Tissue Paper production Business

  1. The major two market purposes tissue paper production business serves in Nigeria are; toilet rolls and serviettes respectively.
  2. Assists in job creation opportunities within the country as well.
  3. As a tissue paper manufacturer, the federal government have your back. This is because the federal government banned the importation of this product. Therefore you only have competition within the country.
  4. There is high demand of this product which outweighs the supply.

Tissue Paper Production Process

There are two types of machines commonly in use in tissue paper production. They are;

The locally fabricated tissue paper machine and

The Automatic tissue paper production machine

The locally fabricated tissue paper machines:

This is a local machine that rolls and churn out the tissue paper and the machines are quite affordable. But it’s production capacity is limited to certain extent per day. With about N1.5 million naira or less, you can simply set up a local tissue paper production plant.

The Automated Tissue Paper production machine:

This automated tissue paper production machine is more sophisticated and fully automated and doesn’t require stress. The production capacity id unlimited provided the raw materials are available. It’s production rate ranges up to 15000 thousand tissues paper rolls per day.

These are the machine requirements for a small-scale tissue paper production plant;

  • The core making machine
  • Rewinding system
  • Bandsaw cutter
  • Embossing unit
  • Perforating unit


Jumbo roll is the main raw material for the production of tissue paper. Then for packaging, the materials are polythene rolls, labels, and glues.

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Jumbo rolls are semi finished tissue paper products which are also produced within the country.


  1. A core is set to the rewinding machine before adjusting the Jumbo roll to it. This should be done properly because it  determines the size of the tissue paper.
  2. The automated machine will then start a rewinding motion which Will unwind the jumbo Roll unto the core and will stops automatically once it reaches the size.
  3. Then the long rolls will pass through the cutting machine which then cuts it into the size of tissue rolls
  4. The transparent polythene bags with your brand name are for the packaging after which marketing follows.

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How to Setup a Tissue Production Plant in Nigeria

Site or Location: Before embarking into this business, your location is put into consideration. It is best for your production plant to be closer to the market so as to reduce the cost of transportation.

And also in other to avoid hazards, production factories are usually not close to residential areas. An open floor small building is quite okay for a start. The rooms should be separate so each machine will have it’s room and the building should contain an administrative room.

Employees: You can employ about 3-9 staff for a start and when the business grows, more staff will come in. It will take a little time but more staff will increase your business strength.

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Marketing: There exists a large market for the tissue paper production in Nigeria. The major target markets are supermarkets, offices, hospitals, hotels, etc. Also Packaging do attract customers. So create a unique brand and treat your customers well.

Pricing: There is a very competitive market for tissue paper. So if you’re intending to increase your price you should know that your potential customers may back off.

For good and effective pricing, it is best that before production you know the market value. This will enable you to know how to make your products so as to meet the market values too.

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