Importance Of Water To Livestock Animals

The benefits or importance of water to livestock animals

Welcome to Infoleading, I will discuss on Importance of Water to Livestock Animals. Make sure you read this post to the end to understand the reason why water is very important.

Importance Of Water To Livestock Animals

Can anyone do without water? Is there anyone who can live without drinking water for a week? If there is anyone, then his or her name must be included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Of a truth, water is life. You’ll be able to live without consumption of food however, you cannot do without water. Water is important to man and even to animals, if truth be told all living things needs water to survive.

It is the responsibility of a farmer to supply adequate, clean, and microorganism free water to livestock animals. One importance of water to livestock animals is that it determines their performance.

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The Need Of Water By Livestock Animals

For example, a breeding hen that hasn’t taken enough water will not have good performance in laying eggs. This is because water is very essential in egg formation.

Likewise, a milk producing cow that hasn’t taken enough water will give less milk. This is because water takes the best ingredient among the constituents of a diary cow milk.

Chicks, feeding on feed trays with no or very little water provided will cause water starvation. Then I powerfully believe there’ll be big economic loss, so you’ll expect that.

How will a farmer feel once he sees a healthy livestock animal die because of not providing enough water?

I believe a good farmer is going to be distressed and eventually feel unhappy. Another issue is that animals won’t eat well if water isn’t provided once their feed is being served.

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Some natural sources of water are; streams, river, springs etc. If these cannot be obtainable round the farm, then water wells and boreholes are the simplest alternatives. Water well is cheaper than borehole.

Other Importance of water to livestock animals are as follows;

  1. Water is important in other to assist the digestion of food and feeds.
  2. It’s utilized in physiological state within the animal’s body.
  3. Water will help to chill down the temperature of livestock animals.
  4. In other to reduce dirt and excretion water is important.
  5. Also the metabolic reactions within the animal’s body requires the use of water properly.

The way feed, nutrition and health of livestock animals are in consideration, so does water intake also very vital.

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Once you’re close to establishing a farm, the supply of good water to serve animals follows. So water is number two criteria after farm location.

Summary of importance of water to livestock animals

In summary, animals has to be served adequate and clean water, and it got to be free from any types of contamination.

The water got to be from a clean and healthy supply and will be served with clean water troughs too.

If animals always lack water for so long, they will die. This will certainly be a loss to the farmer. Learn more about livestock animals

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Water must be available to animals at all times. Except in times when the water is not in use by the animals.

Birds like broilers and layers are those very sensitive to water and this also determines their production and performance.

I believe with all the points stated out on this post i was able to cover importance of water to livestock animals. Never forget to give us feedback with the comment box below.

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