How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business (Best Guide)

Grasscutter or Cane rat farming business is a lucrative business, you need to have this in your mind. Today, am going to give a detailed information on Complete guide on how to start a Grasscutter farming business anywhere both in large and small scale.

Complete Guide On How To Start A Grasscutter Farming Business

What is Grasscutter farming?

This is a kind of husbandry or micro-livestock farming that involves raising, breeding and keeping of grasscutter for meat consumption.

Grasscutter or Cane rat has its biology name as, Thryonomys swinderianus. They’re phytophagous animals and it’s one of the most important Africa’s grasslands rodents which is domesticated.

Many people ask questions on the followings. What are the benefits of Grasscutter farming? Is Grasscutter a lucrative business? Guide on how to start a Grasscutter farming business?

We will be answering all these questions in this post, so endeavor to read it all.

Is Grasscutter farming a wealth generating farming business?

Yes!! This farming business is a wealth generator. How? This is because, people, hotels, bars will always be demanding the meat.

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However in distinction, its offer isn’t being met by farmers , few farmers apprehend very little regarding this business.

Also the breeding of this micro livestock animal is fast. A female Grasscutter can litter about 4-9 Grasscutlings under 4-5months.

Thus within a year you’ll be having from one female, about 8-20 Grasscutling. 1kg of Grasscutter is about N2,500, assuming you sell twenty (20) 5kg of weight Grasscutter.

You’ll be realizing or obtaining N250,000, simply from one female Grasscutter within a year.

Additionally one colony of grasscutter, consisting of 1 male and 4 females, will be amounting for about N60,000-N70,000.

Grasscutters are believed only to be hunted by village hunters within the rural areas.

Many people won’t believe that keeping, domesticating and rearing grasscutters in farms is possible.

When hunters start searching, they will be causing a lot of bush burnings, extinction of bush animals and so on.

Grasscutter may be a wide life animal, along side other animals which may be domesticated. However, we tend not to have gone deep into this field of agriculture.

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Benefits of Grasscutter Farming

Grasscutter farming business is a very good farming business to practice. Its advantages are listed below.

  • The meat is matchless to other meat like rabbit meat, chicken and then on once it involves terribly low cholesterin.
  • It’s a meat with very little to no fat too which makes it good for patients with high blood pressure, obesity, sugar etc.
  • It’s a meat rich in minerals like Ca, iron and phosphorus.
  • The economic value will be high too when comparing it to other farming businesses like goat and sheep.
  • It’s management and maintenance is sort of simple and straightforward.
  • It needs low capital investment to start  running this very farming business.
  • This animal is a delicacy, that’s why you’ll be seeing the meat in bars, hotels and lots of places. Many people try do everything doable to taste its delicious meat.

Steps to Adopt on how to start a Grasscutter farming business

There are few steps that you’ll be needing in other to realize a high success in this area of farming business. They are;

Research On Grasscutter Farming Business

You’ll not be embarking on any business without researching and obtaining quality data. Take your time to people that have ideas on this areas of farming business.

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Go for sensible visits to other farms and acquire a lot of information with reference to the present business. This is because, practical knowledge is important here.

You furthermore may take up classes and courses on this space of farming too.

Farm location

The location of your grasscutter farm will not be problem because these animals won’t generate offensive smell like the pigs.

There stuff is no and that they don’t cause pollution to the surroundings as a result of they’re micro-livestock and occupies small house.

You can start this farming business anyplace, you may decide to start this business in your home. Even an area is sweet enough to start out this business, therefore no excuses on wherever to web site your farm.

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Selection of Breed

There are 3 types of grasscutter breed common in Africa. They’re the white, brown with white and totally ash or brown color breeds.

The white colored breed was recently got wind, around 2014-2015 however this grasscutter breed is okay.

The ash or brown color breeds are those commonly accessible to farmers. However they appear to be of huge price than the common ash or brown colored ones.

Don’t get your grasscutter breeds by shopping from the markets. It’s best to buy your breeds from a sure farm, that deals on stocking and distributing this livestock animal.

Also have in mind that the breed ought to have an honest history of maintenance and vaccination. this can change you to simply manage and maintenance your farm, while not stress and concern of loosing your breeds.

Grasscutter Housing Systems

The housing system of grasscutter is a pen. There are 3 major styles of housing systems in grasscutter farming business. They are, the cage housing system, Standing concrete housing system and also the ground concrete pens.

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Any of the 3 systems is nice, however iron housing systems are the simplest as a result of it makes the management of your animals easier. however it’s a lot of pricey than the opposite 2 styles of pens.


This section is what absolutely determines the success of your grasscutter farming business. This is often where 70% of your attention, time and toil within the farming business will be in need.

Like I same earlier, grasscutter could be a plant-eating animal, in order that they prey on grasses like elephant grass,  guinea grass, maize cubs etc.

I need you to understand that concentrates and supplements mixed in their diet will enhance their growth.

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Selling and marketing

Grasscutter could be a market prepared farming business, that generates plenty of financial gain. It takes one and half (1½)years for your animals to be prepared for market though some farmers choose to wait till the stock is scarce.

Make enquiries of this value, for the grasscutter and acumen a lot of to sell yours. Like I aforesaid earlier, that 1 kg is sold  for N2,500. Therefore you’ll plan to sell one by one, or become a domestic animal.

What do I mean by being a Stocker? These are farmers World Health Organization sell grasscutter in colonies. One colony like I aforesaid earlier, is sold  from the vary of sixty to seventy thousand Nigerian monetary unit, betting on the value.

You can conjointly plan to provide to the restaurants, hotels and mama puts around your areas too. Bear in mind to not sell all of your absolutely mature grasscutters therefore on still have ones for breeding.

So as you’ll see, grasscutter farming business is extremely moneymaking and just about value very little expenses and capital, when put next to alternative farming businesses, just like the pig, poultry, goat so on.

Conclusion and recommendation

Don’t ever seek for any shortcut in starting your own grasscutter farming business. Most people may be telling you this will be the fastest way to make money. There’s no shortcut to wealth, it needs patience and determination.

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Create your own Trademark, by treating and appreciating your customers for buying the product from you.

Take it slow in this farming business. And bear in mind to always have your product ready for the market at all times.

Don’t ever quit because there’s no road to success that’s quite straightforward.

I believe with all these information well detailed in this post. I have equipped you with the tools needed on complete guide on how to start a Grasscutter farming business. Remember, to share and give us feedback with the comment box below.

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