How To Start A Free Blog On Blogspot Or Blogger

Hello! You are welcome to InfoLeading Blog. I will share a 10 minutes step by step guide on how to start a free blog on BlogSpot or Blogger in this post. And I will embed a video tutorial that can as well help you to do it yourself (DIY).

How to start a free blog on blogspot or blogger

Owning a blog is quite a good thing because it gives you the chance to share anything you wish. And to crown it up, you can earn money from it if you are wise enough.

I know many of you “especially Newbies“want to own a blog but actually don’t want to invest funds (money) into it’s creation until they are sure enough it can generate revenue. It is quite reasonable.

Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Free Blog on Blogspot or Blogger Under 10 Minutes

If you are looking for a free platform to create a blog for free, you’re absolutely on the right content. Actually there are many blogging platform that allows blog creation for free. There are two free blogging platform to choose from, they are and

However, in this very post, am going to show you a 10 minutes step by step tutorial on how to start a free blog on blogSpot or blogger. Then, as you get more experience in blogging, you can advance and become more professional by going into a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I myself, started blogging way back with BlogSpot until I had to move forward. BlogSpot is quite good but has certain limitations as well.

However, for beginners it is absolutely a great way to learn more about blogging and starting the blogging process Free.

What To Know About BlogSpot Or Blogger Platform

Before I embark into this 10 minutes tutorial, there are certain things you need to know about  BlogSpot or Blogger.

  1. is a free blogging platform powered by Google.
  2. Your images will be hosted by Picasa which is also a Google platform.
  3. However, you can create a free blog that has a subdomain (for example, or you can as well decide to buy a domain (the best) to have your perfect website (for example,

Advantages of starting a blog on BlogSpot or

  • The creation and launching of your blog on BlogSpot or Blogger is totally free unless you want to buy a domain name.
  • The platform is  trustworthy because it’s owned by Google.
  • Although there are other free blogging platforms like, Tumblr etc, BlogSpot/Blogger is the very best of them all because it offers more freedom and features.
  • You can also monetize your blogspot blog using Google AdSense and every other affiliate programs easily too.

Here is a fastest Trick to get Google AdSense account approval now

Without wasting much time, let’s see how you can start a free blog on blogspot or blogger with our step-by-step guide below.

How To Start A Free Blog on BlogSpot Or Blogger

In other to start a free blog, you have to follow these guides below:

  1. Create a blogger account
  2. Choose a blog Name and theme
  3. Optimize your blogger blog
  4. Edit the theme and layout
  5. Publish your first content
  6. Monetize your blog

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Step 1: Create a Blogger Account

To create a free blog, head over to and create an account with your Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can simply create one once you click on the CREATE YOUR BLOG icon.

Create a free blog on how to start a free blog on blogspot or blogger

After creating a Gmail account, you will automatically sign in. But if you already have an account you can just login immediately.

A pop up screen below will appear.

Adding display name on blogspot

Just enter a name that will be displayed to your visitors and click on continue to blogger. This will be your blogger profile name.

Note: You can still change this your blogger profile name whenever you wish to.

Step 2: Choose a Blog Name and Theme

A screen below will pop up.

Choosing name and address for your blog

Enter the Name you wish for your blog on the tile section, for example optimize blog.

Go over to the Address section and choose a domain name for your blog too. You can as well use the title but know that your address will always have So if you use your blog title then your blog address will be in this form

Select a free theme for your blog. But know that this theme is temporary, you can change it later. So choose any of the free themes in the picture above.

Then finally, click on create blog and allow it to load.

Step 3: Optimize Your Blogger Blog

This will take you to your blogger blog dashboard. Then click on the settings tab in the image below.

Basic settings in blogspot

Go to Basic; you can edit your title from here as well. Click on description and write a little note describing your blog.

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You can also setup a top level domain name but that is not our focus right now.

Go to Posts; comments and sharing; change the number of posts to 10. Change who can comment on your blog to Anyone and click on save.

Go to Search preference; edit the meta tags description as you did on the basic settings. Note: This will turn on SEO meta description in your blog post.

Search preference blogger settings

You can also edit your custom page not found.

Then finally go to custom robots header tags, click yes to enable the tags and toggle on these options below:

Home page: all and noodp

Archive and Search pages: noindex and noodp

Default for Posts and Pages: all and noodp

Click save changes and go over to the next step.

Step 4: Edit The Theme and Layout

You can change your theme to look more professional by going over to the theme section. There are a lot of premium and good looking themes for blogger blogs.

Here is a good theme that is also fast loading (CB Blogger Template). You can download it and upload it on your blog as well.

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Go to Layout; here you can change the normal default blogger favicon to custom one which is suitable for your blog. You can add and change gadgets too.

layout settings in blogger

Step 5: Publish Your First Content

You can now go over and create your first blog content but before that, you have to create some important pages.

Click on Pages section and create an About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages. Publish these pages before heading over to write your first blog post.

writing your first blog post

Go to Posts and create your first post, add a meta description which is at the right hand corner of the blog drop down icon. Also you can change the URL to contain your keyword phrases as well.

Tag your post and finally publish it. That is it all takes.

Step 6: Monetize Your Blog

After creating and publishing your blog live on the internet, making money from it follows.

It quite easy to make money from your blog but it requires dedication. Fair enough I will show you how you can earn from your free BlogSpot or Blogger blog.

First of all, your blog has to be unique and getting good quality internet traffic as well. If you meet up with this criteria, you can then signup for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is an advertising network that gives bloggers and publishers opportunity to earn from their blogs.

Note: In recent times, Google AdSense have improved their policy and this make it quite difficult for bloggers to get a Google AdSense Account Approval.

But I have explained a trick and genuine way on how to get Google AdSense account approval very fast under 2 weeks. Follow every step in that link so as to find out what your blog needs to qualify and get Google AdSense.

If you find it difficult to get Google AdSense approval, you can try other advertising network. You can make money from your blog without Google AdSense.


Video Tutorial On How To Start A Free Blog On BlogSpot Or Blogger.

Note: This post is meant for readers out  there who doesn’t have a blog and looking for easy guide on how to start a free blog.

Conclusion On How To Start a Free Blog On BlogSpot or Blogger

I have given you the very best 6 steps on how to start a free blog on blogspot or blogger under 10 minutes. It is not a very hard thing to start a free blog if you follow all these steps in this post.

The only hard thing here is if your want to make a living here, you have to maintain and keep your blog consistent.

This post is mainly for newbies so you can start up a free blog on blogspot or blogger platform. Don’t procrastinate after reading this post. Make sure you start your blog immediately because time waits for no man.

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