How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria 2020 (Best Guide)

Step By Step Guide On How To Make Money From Snail Farming In Nigeria

Snail meat is taken into account to be white meat and of nice importance to dietitians. It’s extremely advised by nutritionists and medical personnel to individuals with numerous health disorders. Today I will show you how to make money from snail farming in Nigeria.

How To Make Money From Snail Farming in Nigeria

Snail meat is low in cholesterol, wealthy in macro molecule, calcium, iron, and necessary amino acids required by the form.

It’s extremely counseled for persons with high force per unit area, and heart connected sicknesses, and additionally helpful for weight loss programs.

Snail farming is a facet of micro-livestock farming that produces abundant gain to the people concerned in it, and it’s a business that’s not saturated with investors nevertheless.

Snail farming will not be detrimental to any sensible atmosphere. This is because the prospective entrepreneurs don’t necessarily need to secure lands before they begin the business. Snails do not need an excessive amount of area for survival.

You can begin this business in your backyard or any accessible area in your house or compound. This is because their waste isn’t offensive to humans, unlike those of different livestock animals like pigs, poultry etc.

Steps on how to make money from snail farming in Nigeria.

Below is the list of the complete guide on how to make money from snail farming in Nigeria. You don’t need to be a graduate or even a millionaire to make money from snail farming in nigeria. All you need is the right information which are:

Capital necessities

Snail farming may be a low capital intensive business not like different livestock farming businesses. With as very little as 50,000 Naira or 100,000 Naira, you’ll begin the business.

Snails are not costly when comparing them to other livestock farming. And also the operational cost of keeping the farm is additionally low.

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The most common breed found and sensible for export is named the archachatina marginata, that is commonly cited as African large snails. These snails are usually found during rainy seasons in damp places. These places includes; below leaves, stones, on trees and the other wet place accessible.

The African large snails are used for exportation and native consumption, thanks to its delicate and soft body. Also exhausting shell will be used in making different by products, cosmetics and medication.

Good stocks for breeding will be from the native market places, particularly at rural areas.

Purchasing of Snails will be of low cost throughout the time of year, because it will be in massive quantities.

Whatever location you’re in, you’ll get snails throughout descending seasons while not having to get any at the market place, by choosing them from bushes around you.


For industrial rearing, snails sleeping in pens or a tiny low cage area you will cowl with sensible loamy soil. Also you can over lay it with contemporary leaves that will be changed from time to time.

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Also, the pen needs to be in built such some way that it doesn’t expose the snails to most daylight. The daylight exposure makes them dehydrated and vanish.

It is higher to create your pen wherever enough shade is on the market to shield your snails.

Build pens with wire protection around it to wade off predators like ants, rats, termites and snakes counting on wherever you have got the pens.


Snails are simple to feed. They can be fed with fruits like bananas, carrot, tomatoes, eggplants, pawpaw etc. You’ll additionally feed them with vegetables like egg plant leaves, pawpaw leaves, cabbage or lettuce and you’ll drop very little soft left over foods for them.

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Adding of snail feeds is a choice if you want to. Keeping the snails on good soil is preponderant for their growth as a result of they get water and different nutrients from the soil.

You can additionally use artificial boiler feeds used for chicken to fill out the snail quicker and create them market ready in due time.


Snails are hermaphrodites, thanks to their twin sex organs. However, a snail does not need mating from another snail before it will lay eggs.

Snails typically mate during a sensible population of one hundred, however once their population is just too dense. It doesn’t encourage sex activity and too dense population makes the snails small.

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Snails will lay up to eighty to one hundred eggs directly and that they reproduce usually throughout the year particularly during descending seasons.

The eggs from snails will be hatching under 3-6 weeks. And it will also mature for sex activity within 6-16 months.

Snails will get totally marketable and mature in one to 2 years.


Snails are simply marketable, particularly once your snails are of the correct size. It sells quicker throughout the season once it’s scarce than during the time of year after they are in abundance.

Selling of snails during the dry season will be more beneficial. You will be creating double the amount of cash by marketing huge snails in dry season than wet seasons.

Providing Snails to businesses like restaurants, hotels, bars and joints, event planners, caterers etc is money. Also you can use the snails to arrange numerous delicacies with it for shoppers.

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We have a growing population who need to measure up healthier. Snail meat is best and healthier than most white meat accessible within the market.

However the deficiency of the meat within the market place makes it a rare selection not pronto accessible.

Advantages of snail farming in Nigeria

1. Every part of snail is beneficial, either for food, cosmetics, medication and healthy feeds for different animals.

2. Snails are scares, that makes the demand beyond its provides, that helps the sellers have abundant gain particularly throughout the dry seasons.

3. Snail farming needs low begin capital.

4. Unsaturated market makes the business therefore viable and profitable.

5. Not like different livestock businesses with odors thanks to waste from the livestock, snails produces odorless waste, and their pen is simple to keep up.

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6. Snail farming in Nigeria will be otherwise of gaining passive financial gain aside your regular job, since it’s less time intense and provides you chance to travel concerning your different businesses.

Exporting of Snails to totally different countries of the globe, will be a good exporting artifact that is going to serve numerous purpose.

Disadvantages of snail farming in Nigeria 

1. Weather have an effect on the snails. an excessive amount of exposure to daylight and winds dehydrates the snails.

Avoid locating your pens in areas that may have an effect on your farming.

2. Predators create a treat to snails. If you’re going into the business on an over sized scale, you have got to secure your land or pens okay from snakes and different dangerous termites harmful to your snails.

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Further More:

Every part of snail body is usable.

You will be making lots of profits from snail farming in Nigeria within a year with borderline risk and snails have high ability and surviving rate.

Eliminating the snail from its shell and selling to totally different finish users for consumption is another way. And additionally selling the shells individually to corporations who will be using them for different applications.

Revenue Realizable:

The lowest quantity you’ll purchase a snail is N200 multiplying by two hundred snails = N40, 000.

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Given that every snail when in sex activity can turn out eighty eggs, so two hundred snails manufacturing 80 eggs can offer you 16,000 eggs.

16,000 eggs at maturity with borderline loss can create your business grow from two hundred snails to 16,200 snails in but a year.

At maturity 16,000 snails oversubscribed for the minimum quantity of N200 can offer you a gain of 3,200,000 Naira.

The above illustration shows you how to make money from snail farming in Nigeria. And it’s a market that’s not nevertheless saturating with several entrepreneurs.

This will help in providing you the chance to start dominating in this sector. By provision to high finish users as presently as they mature.

As associate youth, you’ll get into this business which needs very little capital to begin as you look for employment.

The business will grow and you would possibly discover that you just don’t want employment in spite of everything. Instead, you become associate leader of labor.

I believe I have equipped you with the knowledge on how to make money from snail farming in Nigeria. Use the comment box below to give us feedback.

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