How To Become A Self Made Millionaire With No Money

9 Habits to become a self made millionaire with no money

Everybody wants to become a millionaire but are they willing to pay the price. In this post am going to discuss on the habits to possess in other to become a millionaire with no money.

How to become a self made millionaire with no money

Success can be achieved not only by accepting opportunities that knock on our doors, but by putting in effort to develop our will and strength to pursue our goals no matter the challenges and circumstances we may encounter on our journey.

Disappointments and challenges are the obstacles in this road because they are part of the process to greater success.

The question people do ask are:
How do millionaires attain this wealth? What drives them throughout the successful run to a million dollars? And how can anyone else achieve or replicate them?

From my perception I will say, character is what creates and moulds a man or woman and therefore defines the principles and drives that solely determines what his or her future would be. Check people like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. they became self made millionaires.

To become a self made millionaire with no money, you need to do the things you have not done before. You need to come out of the mediocre life.

There are golden rules governing the actions of Self made millionaires whether they know about it or not. Starting from the time millionaires wake up, to how they manage their time, expenses, savings, budgets and act on opportunities.

They definitely always maintain and follow core principles that keep them in that level and transcends them in the right direction.

If you are desperately looking and seeking for the secrets behind the self made millionaires, here are the 9 habits to become a self made millionaire with no money on the long run:

1). Define What Success Means To You

Every individual has their various perception of success. For some people, getting a job, getting married, having children, having a happy home and the tangible or simple things of life is their own perspective of success.

While to others whom are few, it goes all the way beyond just having a happy home, but to having and growing a valuable business that wouldn’t make them only millionaires but would help them grow and have more assets they can pass on to their generation.

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Before you set out on the journey of your wealth creation, first and foremost you need to define what success means to you, then set up and follow a good plan that would lead you up to glorious end. If your definition of success is tied to you becoming a millionaire, then you should follow the steps of other millionaires before you.

Then if this isn’t your definition of success, then channel your energy and efforts on those areas of your life that keeps you happy.

2). Make Risks A Criteria On Your Routine

To become a Self made millionaire with no money you have to become a risk takers, but not reckless or stupid ones. They make calculations before they take risks, they also weigh and map out the chances of success, then go in with one feet in when the margin is fairly safe.

The rest of the mass or population on the other hand, are consistently scared of taking risks. They are always happy to sit back and relax in their comfort zone.

Self made millionaires long and desire for what lies at the other end of success, but they can never attain it because they do so little to get there due to the immense fear of the unknown.

One of the most important principles of entrepreneurship and financial success is imbibing the spirit of calculative risk taking inside of you, and moulding it to perfection. Then, one day you will be truly successful.

3). Read Valuable Books Often

Another tip on how to become a self made millionaire with no money is by reading books. Books are important and a valuable wealth of knowledge that saves you a lot of wasted efforts.

They are most written by people who in one time or the other have undergone and experienced challenges and difficulties and overcame them successfully.

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Books are experiences of people through out their careers and endeavors in simplified format for you to assimilate.

They show you fastest ways to tackle and solve problems than a novice would teach you. A well seasoned and simplified book will skyrocket you to greater heights ahead of your peer groups.

If you desire to be among the self made millionaires someday, you must equip and empower your mind each and everyday.

4). Surround Yourself With Other Millionaires

You know the adage that goes this way “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are“. This statement actually holds true most of the time. Human beings are largely infectious because we are ambitious and emotional creatures.

The people you mingle and associate yourself with on a daily basis will determine to a great extent who you are, in what direction you are going to and probably your future too.

Corrupt people would infect you with their corrupt character and habits likewise bitter people and also successful people would infect you with their success habits and drives too.

Associating yourself with disciplined rich people would keep you motivated, enthusiastic and hardworking. It would make you strive to always be at the top of your grind, and thus gain respect in their gathering as well.

If you really want be in the right track in anything you sincerely want to attain in your life, find people who are where you choose to be and always spend quality time around them because this is actually what self made millionaires do.

5). Stop Making Excuses

There is no excuse for any failure. Period!

People who are not successful would always have an excuse for the things that go wrong. They would always put the blame on someone or something and they can never take ownership of their wrongs.

Successful people on the other hand always love to embrace failure, because they know they actually never failed, but rather learnt a way that didn’t work. When something negative or bad happens, they take full responsibility for it and find a way to solve it.

Self made millionaires knows how to convert a bad situation and use it for their own good. You wouldn’t see them waste time wallowing about their misfortunes, but rather rise and conquer those misfortunes.

They avoid excuses and focus more on the results. And as such allow their actions speak louder than their words.

6). Have Clear Goals

Goals setting is key to a disciplined life because it narrows down our focus and keeps us aware and on track.

Whenever we define and set goals for ourselves and follow it through, we will definitely end up more effective in hitting and achieving our targets unlike when someone else sets goals for us.

Successful people knows about this, and thus, set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. They plan and make sure their next moves are in succession and on the right track towards their destination.

Acquiring a million dollars is a goal. Hitting $50,000 in the first year is a plan.

Successively with valuable goal plans, you can achieve anything in a couple of years.
Have clear goals and envision yourself already a millionaire.

7). Pay Yourself First

Self made millionaires always put aside at least one tenth of their monthly income for savings and future investments.

This gives them the opportunity to always have enough to carry on with their lives. And also take advantage of venturing into new opportunities the moment they present themselves.

A savings habits with a purpose is very crucial for attaining success.

8). Work With A Budget

You need to have a budget and stick to it no matter the circumstances, because this is one of the trait you must have to become a self made millionaire with no money.

They never tamper or encroach into other funds set for other purposes to satisfy their needs. This is because they always plan their total expenditures.

If you are the type with the issues of controlling expenses then you can open different bank accounts with various multiple sources of income to fund those accounts.

9). Enjoy The Process

The process to become a self made millionaire with no money is a long one. So you should follow the process to learn and most importantly to enjoy it as well.

Hustling with a free and open mind even when the tides are against will make you appreciate those experiences.

Instead of ending up as an arrogant, sad, and successful entrepreneur, you would rather end up as a millionaire. Who’s full of grace and joy, that virtually at the end you’d have a remarkable story to tell.


Self made Millionaires habits are quite interesting but hard for the mediocre. This is because they only desire to be a self made millionaire with no money but can’t do the work.

So my advice is to develop these 9 habits and in print them to your subconscious mind. And before you know it, you will become a millionaire.

What do you think on these 9 habits to become a self made millionaire with no money. Use the comment box to give us some feed back

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