How To Create Free Payoneer Account And Make Money 2020 (Best Guide)

Welcome once again to InfoLeading Blog! If you landed on this page, guess you are looking for how to create free payoneer account and make money online? If yes, then definitely you are on the right place because I guarantee you that this will be the very last article you will read on creating a payoneer bank account free.

As a Freelancer, Blogger, Affiliate marketer who have been working and rendering services online for cash. And you find it difficult to withdraw the said cash you earn online in your country, there is no worries because you can easily withdraw your cash to your local bank account with Payoneer.

You can as well do other online transactions with the Payoneer debit MasterCard. I was once a victim years back, when I couldn’t withdraw the money I made online.


How to create free payoneer account


As a blogger, (mainly Nigerian, India, Pakistan and some other countries it is difficult to get Google AdSense account approval) you may purchased an AdSense Account which is not your country.

For instance; a Nigerian blogger may purchase a USA AdSense account but it will be difficult to link it to your Local bank account. And this will be a problem because you will loose your funds and won’t be paid your cash unless you verify a bank account.

You can see that if you create free Payoneer account it will be possible to do all your online transactions easily without any stress.

So one of the best ways you can receive and make money online is for you to create free Payoneer account for your online business.

In this article I will be answering certain questions people do ask about Payoneer Account which includes;

  • How to create free Payoneer account?
  • Is Payoneer safe and legit?
  • How to sign up free on Payoneer?
  • How can I create a Payoneer Account?
  • How to open a payoneer account without a bank account?
  • What is Payoneer and how can I make money with Payoneer account?

All these above questions and many others are what many people do ask regarding Payoneer Account.


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You shouldn’t worry, like I said earlier this article will be the very last article you’ll read on how to create Payoneer account and make money online.

For you to fully understand everything within this topic and not to make mistakes, make sure to read this post gradually and don’t just skim through it.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started with what we have today.


First of all I would like you to know everything about Payoneer before any other thing.

What is Payoneer Account?

Like most people do ask, what is even this Payoneer account all about? Payoneer is a USA based company who renders financial services internationally by providing easy access for online money transfer, digital transactions or payment services.

Payoneer is simply an online platform where you are able to send, receive and withdraw money directly to your local bank account.

Payoneer account is a Virtual USA bank account that after creating account issues its customers a debit MasterCard which can be used to perform any transaction online and also withdraw money from your local bank ATM.

For instance, your Payoneer account can perform the work of a regular bank account only just that it is now in a digital form.

What Countries Support Payoneer Account?

Virtually Payoneer works in all the countries across the world and their services are supported and accepted by all the major countries.

However, you can create free Payoneer account and you will get a free Prepaid MasterCard for withdrawing your money in your country’s local currency from any bank ATM worldwide.

And the best part of it is that you can transfer and withdraw a minimum of $3 from any bank’s ATM in Nigeria.

Benefits of Opening a Payoneer Account from Nigeria

  • Opening a Payoneer account is safe and free to sign up.
  • Payoneer is a trusted company all over 200 countries in the world
  • Opening a Payoneer account from Nigeria doesn’t require you entering fake details and information of yourself.
  • Accessing of Payoneer account and website doesn’t require you to change IP address or use VPN
  • Having a Payoneer account will enable you create a virtual bank account to send, withdraw and receive global payments from United States of America and other European countries.
  • If you create free Payoneer account, it comes with a free debit MasterCard for withdrawing funds and performing online trasactions.
  • You will earn $25 with Payoneer for referring a friend with you payoneer links. And when the person you referred funds the Payoneer account with $1000 the both of you will also get another $25 each.
  • If you are a freelancer on either Fiverr, Upwork and other platforms, you can receive payments with Payoneer account.
  • In Nigeria, you can withdraw a minimum of N1,000 from bank ATM using your Payoneer MasterCard anywhere in the country.
  • Payoneer makes it possible to link with any Google AdSense account (USA, UK) and transfer money directly to any local bank account in the world.
  • The Payoneer MasterCard can be used to purchase items from online shopping malls.
  • You can receive Amazon affiliate earnings using the Payoneer account
  • With the Payoneer MasterCard you can place advertisements on facebook and send money to other Payoneer users as well.

As a Freelancer, blogger or affiliate marketer, it is compulsory for you to personally create free Payoneer account.

The world is going digital now, so eventually you need a payoneer account to send and receive funds from anywhere in the world.

So in this guide, you will learn how to create free Payoneer account and open a checking account as well.

There are certain requirements needed before you open a payoneer account in Nigeria.

Requirements needed to create free Payoneer account in Nigeria

  • A local bank account
  • Valid ID (NIN card, Drivers License, Passport, Voter’s card)
  • Email Address
  • Valid postal code
  • Correct home address
  • Zip code.

The above items are required to create free payoneer account, once you have all these you are good to go.

So with all I have said so far, let us see how to create free Payoneer account in Nigeria.

Step by Step Guide How to Create Free Payoneer Account

1.) First and foremost, go to Payoneer official website.

2.) Then click on the Sign up and get $25 and choose Individual.


3.) Fill up the 4 page form with your details which includes name, e-mail, contact, Date of birth and address as it is written on the said ID card you’ll be using for this activity.

Create free payoneer account in Nigeria

4.) Set up a password and choose your secret question & answer.

Payoneer account form 3

5.) Get your ID card like I have listed above already

6.) Select any one of your choice and Key in the details on your ID card including the 11 digit numbers of the ID card depending on the country.

7.) Enter your bank details where required together with your bank SWIFT/BIC code. If you don’t know your bank’s SWIFT/BIC code simply check it on Google.

Payoneer sign up form 4

8.) Then finally click on Submit.

NOTE: Please make sure that you fill the Payoneer Account form with your correct information and address. The address section has column 1 and 2 in case your address is too long, you can complete it with the 2nd column. Once you get approved, it will take about 3 – 4 weeks for your Payoneer MasterCard to arrive to the Address you entered during registration.

This is all that is required to create free Payoneer account in Nigeria and do online transactions free.

After the submission of the form, you’ll wait for account review which doesn’t take up to 24 hours.

After your account review, you will get a notification on your email which gives you the status of your account, either it is successful approved or rejected. But it will be successful approved once the information your entered is correct.

Once you get an approval email, then you have successfully learnt how to create free Payoneer account from Nigeria.

Just sign in to your account and start performing your online transactions easily from anywhere around the world.

As you keep on funding your account, you will be eligible to receive new Payoneer MasterCard each time the old one becomes invalid.

So with all the detailed information contained in this piece on how to create free Payoneer account from Nigeria, I believe you can simply sign up and make money online referring people as well.

The steps as I have explained are very easy and straight forward. So give it a try by applying Now!!

Sign up for free Payoneer account now and start receiving payments globally.

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