Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network

Best Solution To Fix Your Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network.

Welcome to Infoleading, the online information arena. For you to have landed on this page, I believe you must have encountered a problem with your blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network.

Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network

Many bloggers and visitors most especially from Nigeria cannot open a blog that is hosted on blogspot or blogger with a Glo network.

In this post, I will walk you through each and every step required to fix this problem. All you need to do is endeavor to read this post to the end to fully understand this content.

About Glo?

Glo is one of the biggest telecommunication network in Nigeria founded by Mike Adenuga. Glo has millions of subscribers in recent times because they offer the biggest data subscription than the other networks. They now go with a trade mark of “GRAND MASTERS OF DATA“.

Many people make use of Glo network especially for browsing purposes because of their high volume of data and bonus too. So because of this, majority of people visiting your blogger custom domain from Nigeria are using Glo network.

With this, you should be having high traffic to your blog but instead most people can’t access your blog. They end up using other networks to do so and this may severely increase bounce rate.

This will make you become curious like I was, and start asking questions like: How can I open blogger blog with Glo network? Blogger custom Domain not opening with Glo Network? Solution to fix Error Site Can’t Be Reached on Blogspot custom Domain using Glo Network? Etc.

Why Is Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network

The reason why many bloggers cannot open their blogger custom domain with Glo network is because they have activated the new blogger free HTTPS pack. I also noticed that even the HTTP also does the same thing too. But the normal free domain extension simply opens whether be it HTTP or HTTPS package.

I believe most of you already know the difference between the HTTP and HTTPS package. The HTTP is a website referring protocol without a security while the HTTPS is with security. This means that HTTP is not good to be used for online transactions because is not secure while the HTTPS can be used for everything.

There are so many advantages attached with having a custom domain that is packaged with the HTTPS protocol when compared to HTTP. Many blog visitors prefer and trust the blogs with HTTPS activated. And they also believe that the one’s with custom domain are more serious with what they are doing.

What to do before your blogspot blog will open with Glo Network

First and foremost, if you want to solve the issue with your blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network. You need to go to the basic settings and make sure certain things are activate and in place.

  1. Check if your blog is properly connected to the Custom domain name.
  2. Make sure you also have activated the blogspot HTTPS and it’s properly redirecting too.Blogger custom domain not opening on Glo Network 1

The blogspot HTTPS may take a little bit of time, lest say 5 to 10 minutes to fully activate. Once you have done all this, endeavor Not To Miss These Steps Below!!

Ultimate Solution For Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network

The things required to fix and solve this problem is not much. Its just a little tweaking and we are done. You need to have access to only three important things which includes:

  • Email Address (Gmail)
  • Your Domain account/registrar Access
  • Laptop, Desktop or Mobile Phone

With all these available, within a giffy we will be done solving the problem.

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Step One on Blogger custom domain not opening with Glo Network

a.) Go to Cloudflare and create an account with your email account. Pick a password you can remember. Go to your email box and verify your cloudflare account.

Blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network Cloudflare account

b.) After verification, login to your account. The next pop up box will be where to fill in your blog address for scanning by cloudflare. Enter you domain name example, and click on add site.

Blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network add site

c.) Select a plan for your domain name. You should choose the free plan but a free plan can only manage one domain name at a time. After selecting free plan, scroll down and confirm it. Cloudflare will scan your domain and display your A Records and CNAME records. Make sure you cross check it before going over to the next step.

d.) If the above step is successful, then cloudflare will show your current DNS names and then provide you the one you will change them with. Just copy the two DNS names either on your clipboard or by writing them down.

Blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network Cloudflare nameservers

This is where the step one procedure ends. Open another tab and go over to the next step.

Step Two On How To Fix blogspot blog not opening with Glo

a.) Go to your domain registrar and login to your account. Now look for the domain you are using on your blogger blog. Am using Godaddy, so my explanation will be with it.

b.) Click on products, and select the domain setup option.

c.) A page will open, then look for name servers. Click on it and choose Custom DNS.

Managing Nameserver

d.) Enter those two DNS generated by cloudflare from step one above. After that, click on the save button. A purple highlighted text will pop up saying: Your DNS has been updated.

e.) Go back to cloudflare page and click on continue. Scroll down and click on Recheck Name server. It will pop up a screen notifying Progress Successful.

Wait for like 2 to 3 minutes to know if your DNS has fully changed. Refresh the page and check if your website has been connected. If Yes, you are now done with the linking of your domain name from your Domain registrar to Cloudflare.

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You’re now half way to the Ultimate solution of blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network. Simply go over to the last step, this is where the trick is done, endeavor to follow it gradually.

Step Three on Glo network issues on blogger custom domain

As we are through with the linking of our site to cloudflare. Now we’ll be doing some things inside cloudflare in other for our blogger custom domain to open with Glo network.

1.)  Click on SSL/TLS and toggle on the Always Use HTTPS

click on SSL/TSL

2.) Click on Cache and also toggle on the Always Online

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3.) Go to Page Rules and create three page rules as follows.blogger custom domain not opening with glo network 9

a.) Add a new page, Copy and paste this URL*. Then on the settings section, Select forwarding URL and 301 – Permanent Redirect. Copy and paste this URL as well$1. Save and Continue to the second page rule.

Page rule settings

b.) For the second Page rule, Copy and Paste this URL* instead. And do the same thing you did in the first page rule here.

c.) For  the last page rule, Copy and paste this URL http://**. Then the settings will be Always Use HTTPS or Always Online. Then save and you’re done.

Page rule settings one


Note: Change to your blog URL

Here is the Video tutorial on how to solve the Blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network.


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Go to your browser and open your blog with your Glo network, it will open successfully.

Conclusion On Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening With Glo Network 

In this very post, I have explained the gradual steps and process to solve the problem of blogger custom domain not opening with Glo network. So you don’t need to worry about bounce rate or loosing traffic especially from Glo visitors. With this, all networks in Nigeria will open your blogger blog.

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Use the comment box to give us feedback and HELP ME share this post too with friends on facebook, twitter and Whatsapp. Thanks For your time.

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